Learn To Draw Big Hero 6 Robot Baymax In Easy Tutorial!

If you love Baymax from Big Hero 6, you'll definitely want to check out this art tutorial by Disney character design supervisor Jin Kim!big hero 6 baymax drawing tutorial

In the video, Kim walks fans through the steps of drawing the lovable, inflatable robot and explains some of the secrets behind the character's design!

Baymax's design in deceptively simple, and oddly powerful. He's made up mostly of basic shapes that come together to form his big, soft balloon body, with a complex metal skeleton inside!

The smooth and angle-less character reminds designer Kim of a cute Japanese rice cooker! He's perfectly designed to be totally huggable. Kim even says Baymax's walk reminds him of a baby penguin!sweety high pink baymax

Check out the tutorial below and let us know what you think of it and our pink Baymax! Share your Baymax drawings with us at SweetyHigh.com!