K-Pop Group DreamNote Talk Finding a New Sound on Their Single Album Dreams Alive

Six member K-pop girl group DreamNote have been providing their beloved fanbase the "dreamiest" sounds since they debuted in 2018.

Now, they're back with their brand new single "GHOST," which after being released on Oct. 26 has already reached the top 10 spot on Billboard's World Digital Song Sales chart.The day also marked the release of their fourth single album, Dreams Alive. We were so honored to get the chance to sit down with the band's members and talk about their new project.

Sweety High: Can you all introduce yourselves and state your positions within the group?

Youi: Hi, this is Youi, the leader. I'm the main dancer and lead vocalist of the group. Last but not least, I might be the "rascal" of DreamNote.

Boni: Hi, this is Boni, the lead vocalist of our team. As I'm the oldest member here, I might be the "daddy" of DreamNote.

Miso: Hi, this is Miso, the power-main-vocalist! My position within DreamNote is "cuteness."

Lara: Hi, this is Lara, the "honey-voice" main vocalist of DreamNote.

Sumin: Hi, this is Sumin, the main dancer of DreamNote.

Eunjo: Hi, this is Eunjo, the youngest one of DreamNote! I'm the sub vocalist as well as the "energizer" of our team. Also, I think my position here is "mommy."

DreamNote Dreams alive group photo

(Image courtesy of iMe Korea)


SH: What is the meaning behind the group name 'DreamNote'?

Boni: The word "dream" has the same pronunciation with "드림," a Korean word meaning "giving." Thus it has double meanings. "Note" refers to the place where we give you the dreams and realize them together.


SH: How do you feel that your new single album, Dreams Alive, is different from your previous releases?

Lara: The biggest difference is the concept of our title track. In the previous albums, you could see us as lovely little girls, but in Dreams Alive, you will witness a powerful DreamNote.


SH: Even though you are experimenting with your sound, what do you consider to be DreamNote's signature vibe? What separates you from other groups?

Youi: We mature as we go through time, and so does our music. The musical identity of DreamNote might be the "dream." "Dream" both implies the dreams that you have at night and the dreams that you wish to realize. These two meanings form the core of DreamNote's musical world. What separates us from other groups is our clean-cut dance performances, derived from our solid teamwork.


SH: What feeling do you hope to inspire in your fanbase with your upcoming release?

DreamNote: As we had a long hiatus, we want to make our fans feel that we have matured a lot. We also want to deliver the sincere efforts we put in each song for our dear Pages.

(Image courtesy of iMe Korea)


SH: How have you all been keeping busy during quarantine? Did you pick up any new skills or hobbies?

Sumin: I began to learn acting and starred in a drama. It was a great experience—I had lots of fun learning something new!


SH: Your new song, "GHOST," has a dark and mysterious color right in time for Halloween. What are your go-to Halloween costumes?

Miso: I want to try costumes for Snow White or Avengers! Or maybe Squid Game, which is so popular these days!


SH: Is there anything else the group would like to add?

Youi: We are so happy to conduct this interview! Please give us a lot of love and support for our fourth album, Dreams Alive. Thank you so much!


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