What Dreams About Losing Your Teeth Mean, According to an Expert

If you've ever woken up from a dream about losing your teeth and checked in the mirror to make sure it was just a dream, you're definitely not the only one.

This is actually a surprisingly common, and sometimes uncomfortable dream, but what in the world does it actually mean? We turned to an expert for answers.

Ashleigh Sacks is a dream interpretation expert for JustAnswer, and we got the chance to ask her all of our most pressing questions on dreams about teeth—both positive and negative. So, if you've been dreaming about teeth at night, keep reading to find out what those dreams might actually mean.

Sweety High: Given that dreams don't always hold the same meanings among different people, why are dreams about losing or damaging teeth so commonplace?

Ashleigh Sacks: While people experience the world around them subjectively, there are several universal themes that most people can relate to. Themes such as aging, stress, health, fear of loss and negative experiences are common amongst people from different places, cultures, religions and genders. Dreams relating to teeth may be a reflection of any one of those themes in a person's life.

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SH: What are some of the most common dreams people have about their teeth? What are some of the different meanings each of these types of dreams can have—both positive and negative?

AS: Since dreams are often a reflection of our waking reality, it's easy to consider why dreams of teeth are common. We use our teeth for daily functions and engaging with the world around us through eating, smiling and talking. Teeth are often a reflection of health and beauty as well, so they hold significant importance to a person.

The most common dreams of teeth include teeth falling out, teeth shattering or teeth rotting on the negative spectrum, and smiling or laughing on the more positive one.

Many medical researchers feel that dreams of teeth falling out, shattering or rotting have to do with some type of dental discomfort or teeth grinding in sleep. However, there is also an emotional basis to these dreams—having negative dreams about your teeth is usually an indication of feelings of stress and anxiety.

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Some common reasons you may be having these dreams include:

  • Fear of loss (someone or something important)
  • Stressful situations that a person has on their mind
  • Problems in a person's day to day life that they can't figure out
  • Ongoing feelings of fear lead to anxiety related to different aspects of one's life such as health, family, work, finances, etc.
  • Feelings of insecurity about appearance or aging
  • Feeling like one lacks control in their daily life
  • Signs of changes to come
  • Prolonged feelings of sadness or grief
  • Needing to say something that hasn't been said

On the positive side, teeth can relate to feeling good about yourself and the way you look. Something going well in your life that you feel happy and proud of, and sometimes even feelings of love.


SH: These dreams can be somewhat jarring, but are there any positive takeaways we can gain from them?

AS: While these dreams feel uncomfortable, they are very normal and there are some positive takeaways. Your dreams allow you to grapple with difficulties in a less resistant sleep state. They allow your mind to explore, experiment and understand different aspects of your experience.

If you are having negative dreams about your teeth, this is a sign that you need to make some changes in your waking life. This might include noticing your stress levels and learning to take care of yourself and relax more. Managing anxiety and sadness in more constructive ways or seeking out support and treatment. Exploring your feelings about day-to-day concerns you may be experiencing and working through them in positive and constructive ways. Changing your thoughts in more positive directions to focus on what is going well in your life. Letting things go and living in the present or starting a gratitude practice can be ways to help manage stress and anxiety. Sometimes, it just means that you need to put your health first and get a check-up. Whatever it may be, your dreams give you insight into yourself and allow you an opportunity to "work through" things that are bothering or hindering you.


SH: How often do you think these dreams are just signs we should take better care of our teeth in our waking hours?

AS: If a person having these dreams is feeling some dental irritation, it is worth consulting with your dentist just to be sure.


SH: Is there anything else we should know about these types of dreams?

AS: As uncomfortable as some dreams may be, they are common and allow a person the opportunity to develop self-awareness and insight and hopefully make positive changes to increase wellbeing.

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