Dreams Aren't This Good Bring Restaurant-Quality Chips and Salsa to Your Kitchen

I'll have to admit that when I received a big package of Dreams Aren't This Good at my doorstep, I had no idea about the brand or what it was all about.

Would it be beauty products? Sleep essentials? Bath goodies? When I opened up the box and discovered it was three bags of plainly labeled tortilla chips and a set of three flavors of salsa… I was a little bit confused. But I love chips and salsa, so I was more than eager to dig in. After discovering more about the company, and why these were sent to me to review, I have to say they're the best chips and salsa I've ever had outside of a restaurant—and that includes homemade.

The Brand

Dreams Aren't This Good have set out to make the tastiest, best-known salsa in the world by building a community around their products. While they might not be there just yet, their salsa is seriously good enough to earn that reputation. Not only do they have entirely classic flavor profiles, but also innovative new blends including their Girls Girls Girls blueberry coconut salsa and Now or Never avocado pepper flavor. Plus, for each jar sold, a nickel goes to worthy flavor partners including Hunger Free America, MTV Staying Alive Foundation, the NYC LGBT Center and more.

And they don'only make salsas. They also make mouth-watering tortilla chips that pair beautifully with each flavor of salsa. Three packs of 9 oz. bags of chips sell for $24.99, while their three-packs of 16 oz. jars of salsa sell for $29.99 each, and orders over $25 ship for free.


The Experience

The Original

Dreams Aren't This Good's The Original salsa may sound pretty basic at first glance, but once you taste it, it's anything but. Made with just tomatoes, jalapeño, vinegar and garlic, it tastes like it's fresh out of the kitchen of an authentic Mexican restaurant. It's got a bit of a kick, but it isn't overwhelming you with heat. It gets all of the essentials right, making scoop after scoop of the stuff just as delicious as the last. And while it's best with freshly baked chips, it's just as good as a topping on your favorite Mexican dishes, or even to spice up pizza if you're feeling adventurous.

Dreams Aren't This Good The Original salsa
(via Dreams Aren't This Good)


The Fighter

Dreams Aren't This Good's The Fighter salsa is all about punchy garlic and cilantro, with a bold and fragrant kick that's packed with flavor without being overwhelmingly spicy. With its blend of tomato, onion, garlic, cilantro, jalapeño and lemon, it's pure savory goodness—especially on top of your favorite salty chip. It's not the most traditional, but after tasting this ultra-fresh salsa, you'll believe it should become the new flavor tradition.

Dreams Aren't This Good Just Dance pineapple salsa the fighter cilantro garlic salsa

(via Dreams Aren't This Good)


Just Dance

With a few sweet tooths around, the sweet and delicious Just Dance salsa was the first to go when I did a salsa taste test at home. It's boldly fruity, with just a hint of jalapeño spice to round out the flavor and bring out its complexity. Made with pineapple, tomato, jalapeño, vinegar and dried garlic, it really celebrates the fruit with its tart and tangy aroma. Plus, with its Gaga-inspired name, how could you not love it?

Dreams Aren't This Good Just Dance pineapple salsa

(via Dreams Aren't This Good)


The Original Tortilla Chips

At first, I thought it was a little odd that tortilla chips came with this unusual package. "I have some very tasty tortilla chips in the cabinet already," I thought to myself. But I underestimated the brand by a wide margin.

The bag had instructions for warming them up in the oven before enjoying. I thought that sounded pretty novel, so I followed the directions, tossing the long tortilla chip strips in the oven on a foil sheet at 350° F for a few minutes. The result was by far the best tortilla chips I've ever had at home. In fact, they beat a lot of restaurant tortilla chips I'd had in the past. They were crispy and salty, and complemented each of the three salsas so wonderfully.

If I had one complaint about them, it's that they were gone too quickly because the entire family was obsessed with them. When we were finished, we still had plenty of salsa to go around, and we missed our chips!

Dreams Aren't This Good The Original Tortilla Chips

(via Dreams Aren't This Good)


Bottom Line

If you love chips and salsa, I can't see any reason you wouldn't love the taste of Dreams Aren't Good's products. Everything is so fresh and flavorful, and they have salsa varieties for every type of salsa-lover out there. But I can see one reason not everyone would love this brand, and that's the price. For a three-pack of chips, plus three jars of salsa, you'll wind up dropping $55. That is not cheap—but serious connoisseurs just might find it's entirely worth it.


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