The Dress Style You Should Wear, Based On Your Body Type

Picking out the perfect dress is no easy feat.

Even if one looks good on the hanger, it might not suit our body. So, how's a girl supposed to know if a dress online will look good? Well, if you know your body type, we've got the answer for you. We had a chat with Tobi Head Stylist, Joanna Angeles, and she told us all about which dress style you should wear, based on your body type. Scroll to yours, below, including apple, pear, hourglass, inverted triangle and rectangle!


Sweety High: What does an apple body type look like? What style of dress should someone with an apple body type wear?

Joanna Angeles: An apple body type has a curvy silhouette without a defined waist. Look for dresses that have focal points that accentuate legs or shoulders, define the waist and lengthen your body. A V-neck wrap dress is an easy way to create a defined waistline and brings attention to the upper body as well as legs for a balanced look.

Same Vibe Ivory Mesh Sleeve Wrap Bodycon Dress: $78 (on sale for $39!)


(via Tobi)


Savannah Black Surplice Dress: $76 (on sale for $38!)


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SH: What does a pear body type look like? What style of dress should someone with a pear body type wear?

JA: A pear body type has broader hips than shoulders with a defined waist. Opt for dresses that emphasize the décolleté to bring balance to the top half and A-line silhouettes that flatter the bottom half.

My Treat White Off The Shoulder Skater Dress: $118 (on sale for $59!)


(via Tobi)


Pretty Obvious Cream Satin Floral Jacquard Halter Midi Dress: $94 (on sale for $47!)


(via Tobi)



SH: What does an hourglass body type look like? What style of dress should someone with an hourglass type wear?

JA: An hourglass body type has proportional shoulders and hips with a defined waistline. Go for a bodycon dress to highlight natural curves and accentuate the waist. Backless and waist details are also a nice touch to show off the figure.

Waiting Game Sage Ribbed Open Back Bodycon Dress: $78 (on sale for $39!)


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All Nighter Black Ruched Mesh Corset Bodycon Midi Dress: $98 (on sale for $49!)


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Inverted Triangle

SH: What does an inverted triangle body type look like? What style of dress should someone with an inverted triangle body type wear?

JA: An inverted triangle body type has shoulders that are broader than hips and may have a larger bust, making the waist and hips narrower in comparison. Find dresses with skirts that flare out such as skater dresses to add a little volume to the bottom half of an inverted triangle frame. Scoop and sweetheart necklines on dresses are a soft and flattering way to play up the upper body.

Stargazer Beige Ruffle Tiered Babydoll Skater Dress: $104 (on sale for $52!)


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Small Talk Cream Bustier Empire Waist Skater Dress: $88 (on sale for $44!)


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SH: What does a rectangle body type look like? What style of dress should someone with a rectangle body type wear?

JA: A rectangle body type has a fairly uniform build and straighter figure with shoulders, waist and hips seemingly equivalent in measurements. Choose dresses with details such as puff sleeves, ruching and belts to create focal points throughout.

Heavenly Off White Puff Sleeve Ruched Skater Dress: $98 (on sale for $49!)


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Shelby Navy Floral Ruched Bodycon Mini Dress: $108 (on sale for $54!)


(via Tobi)


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