There’s legitimately nothing more appealing when the alarm goes off than hitting that snooze button (trust me, I feel ya).

But what if sacrificing an extra 30-45 minutes of Zzzs each morning could have the greatest impact on your day?

As someone who has gone back and forth between choosing sleep over sprucing, I can wholeheartedly say that the latter is definitely worth it.

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If you find yourself throwing on the same pair of plain black leggings (through the majority of wintertime, I am guilty of it, too!) and that loveable, but ever-so-pilly sweater, it’s time to change up your getting-ready game—and your days overall.

Keep scrolling for a list of six important ways dressing up every morning will improve your life.

1. You’ll Feel More Excited to Wake Up

One of the most dreaded parts of any day is rummaging through your closet first thing in the a.m., trying to scrounge up something cute to wear.

But when you feel great about an outfit and a look the night before, you’ll be so excited show it off in all its glory the next day. Sayonara, snooze button—hello, styling sesh!

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2. You Can Kiss Those Monday Blues Goodbye

As we’ve mentioned in a previous post, the dreaded Monday blues (or any day’s blues) can’t compete with a girl who’s feeling good about herself!

Get out of bed, curl your hair, bust out that fierce bold lip color and throw on a pair of heels. This day is yours!

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3. Your Confidence Will Improve

When you look your best, you feel more ready to present in front of your peers, you feel better about chatting with customers and your boss at work, you feel more eager to answer questions in class and deal with teachers. Heck, you feel far more comfortable chatting up your crush—and that’s what’s really important, amirite?!


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4. People Will Take You More Seriously

As the famous saying goes, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” And that can be applied not only to the workplace, but to the classroom as well.

Obviously, you’re not dressing for a job when you’re in school, but dressing up will make your teachers feel like you care more about being in class and that you’re excited to learn. And, of course, if you do have a job that allows you to dress the way you want, show your boss and employees that there’s no one more proud and capable of their position than you. Added bonus? More customers are more likely to swing your way for purchases when you’re dressed confidently and look like you actually want to be present in your workplace.

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5. What You Wear (on Your Body or Face) Can Be a Fun Ice Breaker

Whether it’s a magenta top you’re sporting over a cute pair of jeans, or a few bright orange lip swipes of Urban Decay’s Crash, livening up your look is sure to get others talking (in a good way, of course!). Confidently wear fun accessories, colors and hairstyles galore, and be prepared to ignite chatter among your classmates or coworkers.

It’s only natural people will stop you to either compliment you, ask you where you got your items or tell you they have something similar. Always a win!

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6. People Will Notice You More

You don’t want to be the girl in the back of the class who blends in with the spare table, do you?

Be the empowered young lady who makes a statement every time she arrives to class. Regardless of whether you are or aren’t the student with the best grades, you can still stand out among your peers (including, of course, your crush!) by wearing something that makes you shine and feel your best.

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