Drumline Gets A Chance To Appear on Liv and Maddie!

South Pasadena High School's drumline got the experience of a lifetime when five students got to be extras on the Disney Channel's Liv and Maddie, starring Dove Cameron! liv and maddie

They were invited to the set of Liv and Maddie after Disney reps saw footage from the drumline's performance at a South Pasadena High School talent show.

Students Sungin Kim, Matt  Chan, Isaac Huh, Sean Kohler, and William MacTavish traveled to a studio in Hollywood on September 24 to meet the actors of Liv and Maddie and rehearse for their onscreen debuts!

"I thought it was awesome that we were invited to perform," said drum captain William MacTavish."The first day we went for rehearsals and  the actors and producers, which was a pretty great experience."

The drumline returned the following day to shoot their scenes, which will appear in an episode of Liv and Maddie in January! Will you be tuning in?

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