Up Your Shoe Game With DSW This Summer

As a beauty and fashion writer, I get sent all sorts of products to review.

Some of my favorite packages, though, are shoes. And I'm not picky—whether they're sandals, sneakers, boots or something else, I'm always ecstatic to dive in and throw them on. So, when a rep from DSW sent me a pair of some adorable heeled sandals from Steve Madden, I knew they would quickly become my favorite summer shoe. Keep reading for my thoughts on DSW, the shoes themselves and my overall experience.

The Brand

DSW, aka, Designer Shoe Warehouse, is a name I've been familiar with for quite some time. I'll be honest though, this is my first time shopping with them. Hearing the word "warehouse" always made me think that the shoes wouldn't be trendy, cool or fit my style. But I am so glad that I've looked into DSW more, because that is not the case.

For some reason, I thought DSW would be seasons behind in terms of inventory, but their options and products available are very current. If you're on the hunt for the perfect summer shoe, like me, DSW should be the first place you look. Not only because there are so many options, but the shoes are at a fraction of the price, too.


The Shoes

Steve Madden JAAM Sandal: $59.99

Since summer is almost here, I chose a shoe that would complement my summer style. These ones from Steve Madden look like a typical thong-style sandal, but with a heel. I opted for the nude color because I own about a million pairs of black shoes, and I'm so glad I did.


(via DSW)

The shoes look great paired with light-wash jeans and a bright crop, or even a flowy, summery dress. These can be dressed up or dressed down, and I love the versatility of them. But the best part has to be the price. Originally, these bad boys go for $89, while at DSW, they're a whopping $30 cheaper. Talk about a deal!


Bottom Line

DSW has all of the top shoe designers you could ever want, like Steve Madden, Dr. Martens, Vans and even Gucci. If you like to save money wherever you can, DSW is a great place to start. I plan on doing the rest of my summer shoe shopping with DSW, and so should you.


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