6 Truths You'll Relate If You've Been Dumped Before the Holidays

Getting dumped at any time of the year sucks.

But when it's right before the holidays? That's the absolute worst. You're angry, confused, hurt and wish they would've just waited until after Christmas to do the deed. Now, you're left dealing with extended family members, forlorn faces being thrown your way and a sad, lonely holiday.

Sound familiar? Keep reading for the six truths you'll relate to if you've ever been dumped before the holidays:

1. Countless People Have Asked You If You're Doing Okay

Am I doing okay? I was just dumped before Christmas and get to deliver the news to my entire extended family. So yes, doing fantastic. Honestly, how do people expect you to respond? If you tell them the truth, they'll regret asking, but by brushing it under the carpet, you're only lying to yourself.

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2. You Cried When You Returned Their Gift

Hopefully, the gift you got your ex has a decent return policy. It's the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to something nice. However, if you try to return the gift to the store and you find out it's not returnable, expect a waterfall of tears. Not only did they break your heart during the holidays, they've also cut into your wallet.


3. You've Had to Awkwardly Tell People You're Broken Up

Since most people were probably used to seeing the two of you attached at the hip, chances are, they'll ask about them. Whether they ask how they're doing or why they're not with you, you're put in an unavoidable situation. Not only is it uncomfortable for you to relay the breakup news, but the other person will feel incredibly uneasy and awkward, too.

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4. No Amount of Presents Can Cheer You Up

Who doesn't like to receive gifts during the holidays? Since your friends and family know you're going through a rough time, they'll pull out all the stops and bury you in a sea of presents to try and make you feel better. However, you've found that they don't even cheer you up. You spend the rest of the holidays ruminating over your ex, and wonder if you'll ever find love again.


5. Christmas Carols Put You in a Bad Mood

Christmas music is supposed to lift spirits—it even worked for the Grinch! But, when you're in post-breakup mode during what's supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, it only reminds you how unhappy you are. Songs about love, marriage and the whole nine yards are a major trigger for you, so any time one comes on, you're instantly put in a sour mood.


6. You Have an Inner Battle With Yourself About Messaging Your Ex on Christmas

The day Christmas finally rolls around, you have an inner battle with yourself. You dated this person for a long time, and it just feels weird not wishing them a Merry Christmas. Do you reach out to them via text? Do you wait and see if they say something? Do you avoid it entirely to make a point? It's honestly a lose-lose situation and you feel bad with whatever route you decide to take.

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