How Duncan Joseph Cultivated His TikTok Audience With Hilarious Memorable Characters

Few TikTok creators make us laugh more consistently than the hilarious Duncan Joseph.

With his character-based TikTok sketches that poke fun at everything from cooking competitions to Dance Moms to awkward TV informercials, he knows exactly how to find the humor inherent in the pop culture we know and love. His comedic timing is ingenious, and his recurring characters (like our fave, the Vegan Teacher) make us crack up even harder every time they appear.

How does Duncan do it all? We got the opportunity to find out straight from the source. Keep reading to find out how Duncan Joseph gets inspiration for his videos—and his top tip for making it big on TikTok.

Sweety High: When you first joined TikTok, did you ever anticipate you'd be as big on the platform as you are today?

Duncan Joseph: It came as a shock to my friends, family and me so much that I kept it hidden from them for months. When creating my account, I thought blowing up was one in a million, and I could never have imagined it happening to me. I still am astonished to this day and think it's a massive joke, but each day I grow more and more thankful for it. It's completely changed my life, and I never knew people other than my family and close friends would find me funny.

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SH: What kinds of videos drew you to TikTok? How do you think it's changed and evolved since you've been there?

DJ: Satirical videos that poked at people, interests and shows drew me in. My girlfriend at the time showed me TikToks joking about "theater kids" (which I am proud to be), and it was fun to be a part of a conversation and a community that could comedically entertain. Over time, videos have evolved to start more important conversations. Instead of tearing people down, communities have come together to build each other up.

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SH: What inspired you to start making TikTok videos around reality TV tropes? Why do you think they've resonated with so many people?

DJ: I was sitting in my family room watching HGTV with my family when we saw someone with a Karen haircut. It inspired me to implement my own characters into TV shows, and my family couldn't stop coming up with ideas. I believe it's resonated because my audience has grown up watching these shows, and each one has such individual quirks that make it so funny to recreate. It's fun for me, and my followers to see the characters and shows come to life.


SH: Are there any "characters" that you enjoy playing most in your videos?

DJ: I love playing the Vegan Teacher, as the wackiness and extreme measures are hilarious. You can mention the vegan lifestyle in any conversation, and it's the same for my TikToks. The possibilities are endless with her and I love wearing the scarf. I also enjoy playing Abby Lee Miller, a cornerstone for TV. Abby has so many memorable moments that I will never get old.

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SH: How long does it typically take to make a video, from the concept to completion of editing? What does that process look like?

DJ: I first think of the characters I want to implement, such as the Vegan Teacher, then think about the qualities that make her stand out. I then expand on those qualities and implement them into a TV show such as Food Network. Those ideas usually pop into my head when I am driving or about to fall asleep. When filming, it is a lot of fun and takes me about 30 minutes to film, and 45 minutes to edit.


SH: If could be known for just one thing, what would you want it to be?

DJ: I would want to be known as the guy that could do everything. I know it sounds funny, but I feel like I can if I put my mind to it. I have done cooking videos, comedy, transitions, dancing and even floated on my TikToks. Sometimes my followers can't get over that there might be something else I can do just as well. Who knows, maybe I'll start singing someday!


SH: What is it about the TikTok platform that has really allowed you to grow and thrive there?

DJ: The TikTok platform allowed me to thrive because I understood it so fast. I understood early on that If I made people watch my entire video, more people would see it. I understood that my audience has a constantly changing humor and that they needed to be refreshed with different content. I understood that TikTok shows my videos to the exact audience that finds my genre of videos funny. It's almost as if the platform works for the creators, and I tried my best to use it to my advantage.

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SH: What do you think sets you apart from all of the other content creators on TikTok?

DJ: I believe something what sets me apart is that I can keep a joke running longer than others. It's difficult, but I've managed to keep a 'Karen' character alive for almost a year. All I have done different is implement my characters and jokes into different situations, so you never can get tired of it.


SH: What is your No. 1 top for aspiring Tik Tokers to grow their following and get fans?

DJ: My No. 1 tip is to constantly remind yourself that it is your page, so make it yours. Don't compare yourself to others, because everyone is on their own path. Find what makes you different, and then twist trends to make them yours. Everyone is fighting for the spotlight on TikTok, so you might as well make another one just for you. That's how I remind myself to think, and it pushes me forward to constantly entertain my fans and friends.


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