Overwhelmed With Candle Options? Let Your Zodiac Sign Pick a DW Home Candle for You

If you're anything like me, you've basically got a candle burning at all times.

Candles smell amazing while providing a bit of warmth and ambiance to any room. If there's anything I don't love about them (besides the fact that they don't last forever) it's that I can't have them all. Unless your funds are unlimited (not me!), you have to choose candles wisely—and it helps if they're cost-friendly, too.

So when I stumbled upon DW Home Candles' Signature Zodiac collection on Instagram, I was instantly obsessed. Not only are their candles beautiful, deliciously scented and affordably priced, but the fact that they're designed around the zodiac by birth date did all the choosing for me. The company was kind enough to send me a couple of candles to burn for myself, and they're just as fabulous as I imagined they would be.

The Collection

DW Homes' Signature Zodiac collection features a dozen candles—one for every lovely sign of the zodiac. The 9.3 oz., hand-poured candles come in stylish black containers with gold embellishments featuring the names of the signs, as well as the corresponding constellations. The metal lids for the candles also sport the stars that make up the sign.

And, of course, each one has a unique scent. From mysterious Scorpio's spiritual frankincense and myrrh fragrance to perfectionistic Virgo's grounding jasmine and orange blossom to sociable Gemini's lily and gardenia and dreamy Pisces' peony and cedar, every scent is designed to specifically suit the sign. For my review, I was sent two fire sign candles—Aries and Sagittarius–to represent the signs of my husband and I.

The candles burn for approximately 33 hours each and cost $16 each.


The Experience

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so I decided to start burning that one first. When I opened the candle and removed a paper insert including a description of the sign, as well as the frankincense and sandalwood scent, I was delighted to see that the candle wax was black, making for an ultra-sleek and stylish-looking candle. I also loved the scent, which was slightly woodsy with incense accents.

DW Home Candles aries candle

(via DW Home Candles)

I trimmed the wick before lighting it and found that the scent was even better while it burned. The smokey notes seemed to have a little cinnamon heat to them, combining nicely to represent the passionate fire sign. The smell was delicious, and the candle itself burned evenly as it filled the whole room with the lovely scent. Even better, this is one long-lasting candle. After burning it over the course of five work days, I feel like I've barely made a dent in the wax and there are still plenty of hours of burning to go.

Realizing it would take a few weeks to use up the Aries candle, I decided to swap to the Sagittarius candle the following week, representing my own sign. Upon opening up this candle and removing the paper insert, I knew that this was the candle made for me. The delightful citrus scent, combining lime and pomelo was bright and sweet and invigorating. I think it matched the travel-happy and adventurous spirit of the sign beautifully—and I'm not sure that I could have enjoyed any of the other zodiac scents more.

DW Home Candles sagittarius candle

(via DW Home Candles)

And just like with the Aries candle before it, the scents became even better once the candle was lit. The uplifting citrus fragrance is just the thing to get me through a work slump, and I've burned it for more than a week straight of work hours, and it's still going strong.


Bottom Line

I think DW Home Candles' Signature Zodiac collection will make instant fans of most people. Their candles look awesome and smell even better for a great price, and the fact that they're personalized make them even more enjoyable, whether you're buying one for yourself or giving them to someone as a gift. Maybe I just got lucky with the incredible Aries and Sagittarius scents, but I'm guessing they all smell wonderful, and chances are you'll like the one assigned to your sign. They're also long-burning, making them well-worth the $16 price tag.


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