DW Home Candles' Carnival Collection Brings the Best Theme Park Scents Indoors

Ever since I was introduced to the brand's zodiac candles last month, I've been a massive fan of DW Home Candles.

The brand seems to constantly be dropping glorious collections of new and adorably packaged candles boasting pretty much every scent under the sun. Basically, if you've got a candle in mind, DW Home probably has it.

One of their latest drops is their summer-appropriate Carnival collection featuring wonderful scents inspired by everything related to fairs, theme parks and the circus. These hand-poured candles are available in a medium, single-wicked size for $14 and a larger, double-wicked size for $18, beautifully contained within glass vessels topped with cute metal lids that reflect the scents within.


The brand was generous enough to send me a couple of its candles—the Ice Cream Sandwich and Churro scents—but honestly, everything in the collection sounds scrumptious.


Ice Cream Sandwich

DW Home sent me the large version of their Ice Cream Sandwich candle, and I can say from experience that it is big. I burned it for basically two weeks straight while I worked, filling my office space with the most delicious chocolatey scent. The Ice Cream Sandwich scent is meant to replicate the essence of a vanilla bean ice cream with chocolate chips, sandwiched between two chocolate cookies, but the chocolate was definitely the prevalent scent here, and it smelled so much better than any chocolate candle I've ever burned before. Anytime someone stepped into my room, they'd get a confused look on their face and ask if, somehow, I was baking brownies in my office. Nope—it was just this candle. Plus, the ice cream sandwich pattern on top is too cute. If you're a chocolate-lover, there's no going wrong with this candle.

DW Home Ice Cream Sandwich Candle

(via DW Home Candles)



The brand also sent me their Churro candle in the medium size, and I have to admit I was a bit hesitant about it. Before burning, the candle had a heavy, sugary-sweet vanilla scent that I'm not usually too fond of, but I moved past my trepidations, began burning and discovered I actually adored this candle. The scent is partly cinnamon, partly buttery, with the sugar scent taking a backseat—and I couldn't get enough of the festive flag design, either. If you love the smell of freshly fried churros, this is the candle for you.

DW Home Churro Candle

(via DW Home Candles)


Peach Rings

The Peach Rings candle emulates the scent of the classic gummy, sugar-dipped candies with a blend of peach, apricot, mango and vanilla.

DW Home Peach Rings Candle

(via DW Home Candles)


Caramel Popcorn

Looking for something extra sweet? This candle captures the craveable scent of caramel-glazed popcorn with a hint of sugary sweetness plus vanilla.

DW Home Caramel Popcorn Candle

(via DW Home Candles)


Butter Pecan Ice Cream

Butter pecan is one iconic summer ice cream flavor, and this candle brings its scent to life by blending the fragrance of fresh-roasted pecans with salted butter, cream and vanilla.

DW Home Butter Pecan Ice Cream Candle

(via DW Home Candles)


Sundae Funday

What's more summery than a sundae? The Sundae Funday candles bring the smells of all of the essential sundae ingredients into one place with a blend of vanilla, berries and even the waffle cone, plus whipped cream, chocolate, peanuts and (of course) the cherry on top.


(via DW Home Candles)


Fizzy Cola

Is there anything more refreshing than a crisp cola on a sizzling summer's day? This candle evokes the spirit of the fizzy drink by combining lime, lemon, ginger and cinnamon.

DW Home Fizzy Cola Candle

(via DW Home Candles)


Cotton Candy

If you've been missing the sweet taste of freshly spun cotton candy since the summer of 2019, you're not alone. Bring that wonderful scent to any room with this candle featuring scents of pink sugar, vanilla, with strawberry and raspberry notes.

DW Home Cotton Candy Candle

(via DW Home Candles)


Root Beer

Root beer is another perfectly tantalizing summer beverage, and this candle is designed to remind you of the perfect sip, with its earthy herbal notes, sweetness and all.

DW Home Root Beer Candle

(via DW Home Candles)


Butter Popcorn

Thank goodness the theaters are open again and we can go back to enjoying fresh, buttered popcorn from the stand again. This candle brings to mind freshly popped, lightly salted kernels drenched in warm butter.

DW Home Butter Popcorn Candle

(via DW Home Candles)


Saltwater Taffy

Few things say summer like days by the beach and saltwater taffy. This candle combines vanilla with the scent of fresh berries to bring you there without leaving your home.

DW Home Saltwater Taffy Candle

(via DW Home Candles)


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