What It's Really Like to Dye Your Hair 2017's Hottest Color, Blorange

Everyone was dyeing their hair some variant of rose gold last year, but 2017 is all about a more vibrant take on this color—blorange!

A combination of red and orange hues, this dye job usually ends up looking a bit peachy once the process is all said and done.

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I've been seeing this fun color all over Instagram, and I thought, why not give dye my hair this trendy shade? New year, new me.

Other than using henna hair dye one time, I've never actually dyed my hair before. I was definitely nervous to try out such an extreme color. Well, extreme for me.

After a few months of talking myself up to actually go through with this, I scheduled an appointment with my stylist Parris at Cleo Hair Salon in Oak Park, California.

She was beyond stoked to transform my locks, but also had some hesitation about me doing too much, too soon with my hair.

Rather than bleaching my hair to get this pastel color, she advised I lighten my hair and then lay the red-orange color over that. She also suggested I keep my roots.

Because she's an expert, I trusted her judgment and let her take the reins on my hair's transformation.

Three hours and lots of hair dye later, my mane was updated in a major way.

Girl's transformation from blonde hair to blorange hair

(Transformation complete!)

The hair I had my whole life was gone, and I felt like a new person.

I will admit that I wasn't initially too crazy about the color. I had a very specific vision of how my hair was going to turn out, but it was nowhere near the peachy color I was expecting. My hair was more of a blood orange rather than a blonde orange.

Important takeaway here: No hair color turns out the same on two people, and it will rarely, if ever, turn out looking just like your reference image.

Though my hair isn't the blorange I was hoping for, I'm still happy with it. Initially I regretted not bleaching my whole head to achieve the color, but I'm glad Parris convinced me not to. I don't think I'd be able to handle having bleach-blonde locks.

Since getting my hair done a little less than a week ago, the color has started to fade a bit. I think I like it even more now, and I'm finally at the point where I don't think a stranger broke into my house every time I look in the mirror.

Selfie of a girl with blorange hair

(Work those angles)

If you want to dye your hair blorange, I say go for it!

There are so many different variations of the color that literally anyone can rock the trend. Just make sure you know what you're getting into before you actually go through with it.


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