Everything to Know Before Dyeing Your Hair Red

Red hair is one of the buzziest trends right now—have you been itching to take the color plunge?

If you're seriously considering coating your tresses in crimson, below is everything you need to know and consider before booking that salon appointment.

1. It's Going to Be High Maintenance

Nothing worth having comes easy, right? Such is the case when it comes to donning firey red locks. Red hair requires a ton of maintenance (just as much as platinum does!), so don't go for the radical dye job if you aren't committed to the crime. You'll be at the salon or doing your root touch-ups every 4 – 6 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows.


2. Find the Right Shade for Your Skin Tone

Because red is such a standout color, it's really important that it doesn't clash with your skin tone. There are also so many shades of red, including cherry, copper, burgundy and strawberry blonde, so nailing the right shade is key. We suggest letting a pro help you pick because they will also take into consideration your eye color and lifestyle.


3. It Always Starts Off Darker

In order to get your hair to hold, your red hair color is always going to start off a bit darker than it will actually be. Don't be alarmed! You'll notice in a few washes it will settle quite nicely into the hue you had in mind.


4. Colder, Less Frequent Hair Washes

If you love getting your hair wet and wild, or like to steam up the mirrors with a scorching hot rinse, think twice before taking the crimson plunge. Red hair requires less frequent showers (we're talking twice a week max), and turning the temps way down to lukewarm. The cooler the better because your color to fade less quickly.


5. New Shampoo + Conditioner + Masking

All color-treated hair requires color-treated shampoo and conditioner to prolong the life of your vibrant strands. In addition to these, weekly hair masks are strongly suggested to maintain the health of your hair. Plus, red looks way better shiny.

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6. Only Use Dark Towels

Prepare for the side effects of soaking you head in red dye, (aka you need to invest in some darker-colored towels ASAP, otherwise everything will look like it was "that time of the month"). Red hair color is messy, especially when it's fresh. In addition to dark towels when you shower, steer clear of wearing white or light colors on hot days when you think you might sweat because when your head sweats, it sweats red. And most importantly, keep your pillowcases dark, too, if you wash your hair right before bed.

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7. Heat Protectants Are Your BFF

Really a no-brainer for anyone with colored hair, but heat protectants are going to be your new BFF if they aren't already. Before styling, always spritz your mane with heat protectant spray to keep your color from fading.


8. Your Makeup Will Change

When you have neutral-colored hair, most makeup looks work—but red is a whole different ballgame. Some colors will really pop, while others will not. It all depends on your skin tone and eye color, too, in addition to your bright red hair. But be prepared to lay off the bronzer (redheads look better with fair skin) and start embracing a more natural makeup look.

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9. Your Wardrobe Might Change, Too

We're all about wearing whatever makes us feel best, but there are certain colors that tend to clash with ginger hair. While black looks amazing on just about every blonde, it can look a bit drab on redheads. Your best bet is to go with jewel tone shades: sapphire, emerald green, canary and fuchsia.


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