Dylan Matthew Tackles the Struggle of Moving on in 'End Up Alone'

Struggling with post-breakup complications and the fear of being lonely has never been more fun than it is in Dylan Matthew's vibrant, summery single, "End Up Alone."

With the track's chill pop sound, driven by a catchy guitar hook, Dylan sings about being stuck in an old relationship. "End Up Alone" is all about the push and pull between wanting to move on to find someone new and wallowing in your feelings and thinking about what you lost. It's something a lot of us can relate to, and we got the chance to ask Dylan all about the new track, its lyrics and what it means to him.

The Story Behind 'End Up Alone'

Dylan Matthew: "End Up Alone" is about that awkward transition period after a relationship where you know you should be out meeting new people and experiencing new things, but you can't bring yourself to actually go out, not wanting to be alone but also not wanting to meet someone new is something everyone goes through in their life. I just was very conscious of that when writing this song.


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What 'End Up Alone' Means

DM: I just hope this song resonates with people who have felt the same way coming out of a relationship, and maybe that it inspires them to take that step to go out and do something for themselves instead of sitting home alone again thinking about the past.

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Dylan's Favorite Lyric

DM: Honestly, I love the first verse because it is really personally accurate: "Saw your best friend the other night, I left before I caught her eye. I'm afraid she'll ask if I've been fine I know I'm gonna lie and say I don't miss you tonight."

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