What Every Dylan O'Brien Fan Needs To Know

A new trailer gives us a first glimpse of Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, which looks like it will offer even more thrills, twists, and screen time for Dylan O'Brien than its predecessor. Yay! We've kind of been with Dylan from the beginning, so we're experts on what you NEED to know about Dylan O'Brien. dylan o'brien in maze runner the scorch trials

Dylan's not afraid to put himself out there. He started out making always adorable, sometimes slightly embarrassing YouTube videos, like this one about lamenting the death of a Christmas tree

Did you know that Dylan's first break was with Sweety High? Clever Trevor is still our favorite character OF ALL TIME.

Even though he's one of the non-wolves on Teen Wolf, he's still our spirit animal

dylan o'brien in teen wolf stiles stilinsky

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And he's not all about acting. Check out his drumming skills in this song by his old band, Slow Kids at Play.

He's been dating Tomorrowland star Britt Robertson for 4 years and they are THE cutest.

dylan o'brien girlfriend britt robertson

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He knows what's important. Embrace your imperfections, ladies!

dylan o'brien quote imperfection is beautiful

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And his laugh is the funniest and most adorable ever (just check out this supercut)

He's got 3.26 million Twitter followers thanks to gems like these

dylan o'brien expresses himself on twitter

He's a dog lover (and this is the cutest photo ever)

dylan o'brien snuggles an adorable beagle puppy

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Basically, we are totally spoiled by Dylan

lol ur not dylan o'brien t-shirt

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You can catch Dylan in the upcoming Maze Runner sequel, The Scorch Trials. Check out the trailer below and tell us why YOU love Dylan in the comments!