Dylan O'Brien Is Our Man Crush Monday Because Obviously!

Dylan O'Brien has made quite the name for himself with his roles in Teen Wolf and The Maze Runner series, but we've been singing his praises since he starred in our web series a few years ago. So we were really beside ourselves when we realized we never declared him as our Man Crush Monday. But now we are and here are the most important reasons why.

Dylan O'Brien #MCM art

(via Variety)

Full Name: Dylan O'Brien (He doesn't have a middle name!)

Hometown: New York City, New York

Zodiac Sign: Virgo (A girl who's a Taurus or a Capricorn is his perfect match!)

Favorite TV Show: Friends

Favorite Color: Purple

Worst Habit: Biting his nails (Us too, Dylan!)

Celeb Crush: Anna Faris 

Favorite Restaurant: Fatburger?

Favorite Movie: Never Been Kissed

Fun Facts:

1. Dylan started acting by making YouTube videos. They're really something!

2. He wrote a scene for the sixth episode of the third season of Teen Wolf.

3. He is probably the number one fan of the baseball team the New York Mets and it's super adorable how passionate he is about supporting them.

4. Speaking of The Mets, his dream job is to be their General Manager one day. But hopefully he'll still be acting, too!

5. He played the drums in a band called Slow Kids at Play. Clearly, he's a man of many talents.

6. Dylan met his girlfriend Britt Robertson when they starred in The First Time together. We will go down with this ship.

7. His favorite Twitter account is his mom's, because she retweets all his tweets. We do too though…

8. If he could trade places with anyone for the day, it would be director Martin Scorcese so he could have the opportunity to direct Leonardo DiCaprio.

9. Oh, and we can't forget to show you an adorbs young Dylan acting in our Sweety The Web Series, which was his FIRST acting role BTW. THE WORLD MUST SEE THIS!!!!


Dylan survived The Scorch Trials, but could you? Take THIS quiz to find out!