Cute Instagram Captions for Pics of Your E-Bike

If you have an e-bike you've been wanting to show off, now is the time!

Grab your bestie and have a photo shoot with your e-bike. Trust us—the photos are going to look so good! Pick your favorite (or favorites) and share them on social media. Here are some cute Instagram caption ideas.

For when you're enjoying the sunshine:

"Going for a joy ride."


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For when you and your fam are out on a ride:

"Me and my biker gang."



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For when you're cruising:

"They see me rollin'."

-"Ridin'" by Chamillionaire


For when you have a big smile on your face:

"This puts the fun in functional."



For when you're loving life:

"This is your sign to get an e-bike."


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For when you're enjoying your means of transportation:

"Keep calm and pedal on."



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For when you appreciate your e-bike's functions:

"This thing is a life-saver on hills."



For when you want to show off:

"It's like a normal bike but WAY cooler."



For when you love the planet:

"Ride your bike… save the world."


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For when you don't have a car:

"Who needs a car anyway?"



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