7 Cool Piercing Trends to Up Your Earring Game

Just like anything else, piercing trends come in waves.

Bella Thorne on the red carpet with a stern look on her face showing off her multiple ear piercings

(Photo Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer via Getty Images)

It's safe to say 2015 was the year of the septum nose ring, but this year, the ear has reclaimed its rightful place as the piercing of choice. We support this because of the personality and creativity you can put into your ear adornment, and thanks to Instagram, there is a ton of inspiration, too.

We scoured social media to bring you the coolest piercing trends to try so you can up your earring game through the rest of the summer and make a daring splash into the new school year. Just make sure you clear it with a parent first.

1. Double Tragus

The double tragus are side-by-side piercings on the cartilage attached to your face. They're unexpected and fresh, especially when doubled-up.

Double Tragus by #BrianKeithThompson #BodyElectricTattoo

A photo posted by Brian Keith Thompson (@bodyelectrictattoo) on


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2. Super Decorated Lobes and Upper Lobes

The more the merrier! J. Colby Smirth, a piercer from NY Adorned, plays with horizontal and vertical piercings on the upper lobe for a high-impact look.


3. Triple Helix

Why have one when you can have three? You can do this with either studs or hoops–your choice.

Sweet little triple helix i did today. #prixbodypiercing #eddpierces #neometal #gold #bodypiercing #pasadena

A photo posted by EdD Herrera (@chachione) on


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4. Delicate Conch Ring (No Piercing Required)

The conch is the most outer area of the inner ear cave. Typically reserved for studs, we are loving the way a thin, delicate ring looks. And the best part is you can fake this one easily with a clip on-if you don't want to commit. For added style points, try a double ring once your conch piercing is healed.

YG ???? Tragus // Double hoop in healed Conch. At @newyorkadorned

A photo posted by adrian daniel castillo (@adriancastillo) on


5. One-Sided

We're crazy about this blinged-out look. What makes this look unique is the anti-symmetry. She has her whole outer right-side of the ear pierced (seven total, excluding the conch) and nothing on the inside.

Conch by BKT. #BodyElectricTattoo #BrianKeithThompson

A photo posted by Brian Keith Thompson (@bodyelectrictattoo) on


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6. Forward Helix

Sure, the helix is cool (especially when done like above in number three) but let's not forget about the unexpected forward helix. The forward helix is that small, curved area above the tragus, right where your ear cartilage starts. Try one, two or even three!

Forward Helix by Dom. #BodyElectricTattoo

A photo posted by Brian Keith Thompson (@bodyelectrictattoo) on


7. The Nail

We can thank Beyonce for our obsession with the nail, which is the best of both worlds, a stud and a hoop side-by-side.

A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on


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Whether you want to do something simple and delicate, or want to load up on a combination of the inspirational ideas above, the reason we are living for ear piercings is the limitless creativity. Just make sure you take into consideration the healing time for each respective piercing. Earlobe piercings (center and upper) take three to nine weeks to heal, whereas all other piercings take about six to 12 months.


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