Here Are the Most Flattering Earring Styles for Every Face Shape

You've heard about finding the right sunglasses or the right hat for your face shape–but what about the right pair of earrings?

It might sound strange but different styles and lengths of earrings flatter different face shapes. Are you wearing the right style of earring for your face shape? Find out!


Oval is the most common face shape and looks, well, like an oval. For ovals, the most flattering earring shape is either a small stud, like a pearl or a diamond, or a teardrop earring. These are a natural complement to your face's contour. That said, oval face shapes tend to look good in just about any style of earring.



Round face shapes tend to have fuller cheeks and a circular visage. Most people with round faces are looking to lengthen, so, for earrings, choose drop earrings or long, dangled earrings—both will help elongate your face.

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Heart face shapes have foreheads that are wider than the cheeks, and the face gets narrower towards the chin, forming the shape of a heart. To balance out your face shape, choose earrings that are wider at the bottom or earrings with soft curves.



With square faces, your forehead, cheeks and jawline are all the same width. Hoops are your BFF! And lucky you, they're right on trend right now. Also earrings with rounded edges look nice because it adds softness to the face.



Narrow faces tend to be thin and long, so for you, it's all about adding volume. Look for earrings that are wide and voluminous—you can have lots of fun here!



With diamond face shapes, your forehead and chin are narrower than your cheekbones. To balance things out, look for earrings that are wider and have a lot going on. Stay away from anything too dainty or delicate.


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