Go Green With These 11 Crafty Upcycles For Earth Day

It's officially Earth Day tomorrow, but you can get a head start on going green by trying out some easy and adorable upcycle projects. Here are 11 DIYs that repurpose stuff you've already got at home into creations you'll want to show off! 

1. Make a cute cat planter out of a 2-liter soda bottle

diy cat planter bottle upcycle earth day

(instructions at Brudiy)

2. Turn an old lotion bottle in a fancy cell-phone charging caddy

cell phone charger lotion bottle upcycle earth day

(instructions at MakeItLoveIt)

3. There are a thousand ways to upcycle your shirts into even cuter styles!

4. Repurpose an old wood hanger into a pretty necklace holder

diy wood necklace holder earth day diy

(instructions at Dwell Beautiful)

5. Cimorelli give 6 tips for upcycling clothes!

6. Turn adorable tees into even cuter tote bags

t-shirt tote bag diy earth day upcycle

(instructions at Mommypotamus)

7. Make adorable pillows out of old t-shirts

t shirt pillows upcycle earth day

(instructions at Corrinna Johnson)

8. Turn used candles into adorable lanterns!

9. Yet another adorable t-shirt DIY. Weave an old tee into yarn to create this knotted headband

knotted t shirt yarn headband upcycle earth day

(instructions at SugarBee Crafts)

10. Shirts can even be reworked into lovely infinity scarves!

diy upcycled infinity scarves t shirt earth day

(instructions at LilBlueBoo)

11. Take a jacket and a button-up shirt to make an adorable, cozy jacket!

(by LaurDIY)

Which of these DIYs are you dying to try? Tell us, and be sure to share your own upcycle projects with us at SweetyHigh.com for Earth Day.