Earth Day Is Here! What Are You Doing To Save the Earth?

April 22nd is Earth Day! More than 192 countries band together every year to encourage everyone to treat the Earth with care and respect.

Google's celebration of Earth Day

Even Google got in on the action to spread the word about saving the Earth! Today is the 43rd annual Earth Day, but the planet needs our help now more than ever!

Initiatives such as's "Don't Be a Sucker" campaign help to reduce energy use, which in turn helps the environment! Click here to see some of their suggestions to use less energy!

There are TONS of things you do to reduce your impact on the environment. Here are a few of our favorite suggestions!

  • Plant something– Trees and flowers take in carbon dioxide and pump out oxygen. More trees and plants means cleaner air for everyone to breathe!
  • Have your parents change the lightbulbs in your house – Fluorescent bulbs use about a fifth of the energy that traditional lightbulbs use! Over time, this will save lots of electricity, and save your parents lots of money!
  • Recycle! – Plastics, glass, paper, and aluminum should go into the recycling bin so they can be reused later. If glass goes into the dump, it can take a million years to decompose. Recycling newspapers can save up to half a million trees per week. With the energy it takes to make one new aluminum can, we can recycle the aluminum to make 20 cans!
  • Shower smart – Baths use up about twice as much water as showers, so stick to showers instead of  baths. Taking shorter showers also saves water. Every two minutes in the shower uses up another 10 gallons of water!


Be green and grow a plant for Earth day!

What steps do you take to save energy? Our "Power Down with" contest ends this week, so tell us your answers for a chance to win eco-friendly prizes!

Entering is easy! Just…

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  2. Click the "Contests" tab and find the Power Down contest
  3. Tell us how you conserve energy!

What will you do to take part this Earth Day? tell us in the comments below!