8 Stars Who Should Be Your Earth Day #WCWs

It's Earth Day AND a Wednesday, so we're dedicating this Woman Crush Wednesday to the stars who do their part to help the environment!

1. Laura Marano is a long-time supporter of UNICEF and got her fans involved with the UNICEF Tap Project, which provides clean drinking water in the countries that need it most. Plus, she's a supporter of Meatless Monday!

2. Katy Perry supports Generosity Water and Project Clean Water, both dedicated to improving water quality for people around the world. She also grows her own fruits and veggies!

3. Emma Watson teamed up with People Tree to create the "Love From Emma" fashion line, which creates clothing that doesn't impact the environment AND raises money to plant new trees at the same time.

4. Shailene Woodley goes green by frequenting thrift shops and opting to only buy used clothing.

5. After starring in The Lorax, Taylor Swift became a little bit more eco-conscious, taking showers instead of baths because they use less water, and always turning off the lights and water when she's not using them.

6. Selena Gomez works closely with Island Dog, which helps dogs in Puerto Rico. She also owns 5 rescue dogs of her own.

7. Demi Lovato teamed up with Joe Jonas to perform the original song "Make A Wave" for Disneynature's Oceans. The song was recorded for Friends For Change, which is all about teaching kids to save the earth. She also eats a vegan, mostly raw diet.

8. Ariana Grande is also a long-time vegan, which is great for the environment. She's also adopted a bunch of dogs from shelters and has even partnered with animal rescue shelters to pay for adoption fees with concert proceeds, helping dogs to find loving homes.

Who's your eco-friendly #WCW? Let us know in the comments!