Earth To Echo Prize Pack: CONTEST CLOSED

The enthralling new sci-fi film Earth To Echo released in theaters across the nation this week, and is poised to be a summer blockbuster! Check out details for how to win an Earth To Echo prize pack below!earth to echo prize pack

CONTEST CLOSED Earth To Echo tells the story of Alex, Munch and Tuck, three best friends who find their way of life threatened when a massive construction project runs right through their neighborhood. Their families must plan for their houses to be destroyed and to find new places to call home, and the friends must prepare to say their goodbyes.

Two days before demolition begins, the boys start receiving strange transmissions on their cell phones. They recruit their school friend, Emma, to help them track down the source of these signals.

In the process, they find an adorable alien that they name "Echo," who has become stranded on Earth. Even more, shadowy figures seem to be after Echo!

Together, the friends decide that, if they can't save their own homes, they might as well band together to protect the life of the friendly creature and get him back to his!

Earth To Echo is riveting, yet heartfelt, and viewers of all ages will be instant fans!

Check out the action-packed trailer below, and comment with your thoughts on the movie for a chance to win an amazing Earth To Echo prize pack, including Schwinn BluTunes bicycle speakers, awesome Earth To Echo-themed swag and a $25 Fandango gift card!

Prize includes:

  • Schwinn BluTunes bicycle speakers
  • Frisbee (branded)
  • Mini Fan (branded)
  • Tank Top (branded)
  • Beach Ball (branded)
  • Sticker Set (branded)
  • Beach Towel (branded)
  • Bicycle Clip (branded)
  • Invisible Ink Pen (branded)
  • Projector Pen (branded)
  • Mini EARTH TO ECHO Poster
  • $25 Fandango Gift Card

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