4 Easy Ways to Become More Confident

You know what they say: confidence is key.

Unfortunately, however, confidence isn't something we're all just born with. While some people just naturally seem not to care what others think and are able to exude confidence in all that they do, others of us are left anxious and questioning our every action. Good news, though, as there are actually quite a few ways to become more confident so that you can excel in life, worry less and make a positive impression on everyone you meet. How, you might ask? It might not always be easy, but trying these may help:

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1. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Easier said than done, this is true, but getting out of your comfort zone is probably the quickest way to propel yourself towards a greater sense of confidence. After all, when you stick with the same old people, places and habits, you're not likely to make any changes for the better or worse. The only way to learn more about yourself and get better at confidently handling uncomfortable situations is to leave the familiar behind once in a while and embrace something new—you might just surprise yourself along the way.

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2. Embrace Awkward Conversations

You know those people who can just effortlessly start a conversation about literally anything with anyone they meet? Guess what, you can become one of those people! It doesn't matter if you're an introvert or an extrovert, the confidence of owning a conversation comes with well, having conversations—and yes, that means many awkward ones. No one likes small talk, but forcing yourself to do it will help you break the ice and build your confidence before you know it. It doesn't have to be hard, either, as it can be as simple as complimenting someone on their outfit, nails, hair or anything else, or asking your server at a restaurant what they would pick out of two options you're deciding between.


3. Travel

If you can afford to travel, especially to somewhere far or foreign, do it. Yes, it can be difficult or challenging, but those challenges are what build your confidence in the long run. Think everything from navigating public transportation to asking for directions and possibly even maneuvering a language barrierall things that require you to step up and take action in order to enjoy your time traveling. Plus, people who travel are just straight-up interesting, and having a fun story to tell will surely make you feel less timid.

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4. Wear What Makes You Happy

If you love the way that a certain style of clothing or makeup makes you feel, try incorporating those things into your life more often! While your worth does not in any way depend on your appearance, knowing that you look good can make you feel good, and that's an easy way to boost your confidence in any situation. Just think about how you might feel strutting into a room in your favorite heels (or sneakers, whatever your personal preference may be). It doesn't have to be major, either. Even rocking your favorite comfy band T-shirt or gym clothes can make you feel better when embracing a new situation that requires an extra boost of confidence.


Overall, don't worry if confidence doesn't come to you easily—it takes time to develop for a lot of us! Just do your best to start trying some of the things listed above, and when in doubt, click HERE for some phrases to avoid in order to simply make yourself sound more confident.