East Anglia Children's Hospice With Ed Sheeran!

Ed Sheeran recently made some awesome contributions to charity shops around Suffolk as well as East Anglia Children's Hospice!

Ed gathered up some of the old clothing he's worn during photo and music shoots as well as live performances and donated eight bags each to three thrift shops and the EACH fundraising office in Ipswich!

"Clothes are in Framlingham charity shops for anyone that is interested," he wrote on Twitter. "Stuff ranging from the Ralph hoodies, Fenchurch t shirts and nike trainers. Everything's been worn on shoots, videos and gigs. Have a look."

Some of the clothing donated to EACH is now part of an online auction to raise money for the hospice! You can bid on items including t-shirts, hoodies and festive sweaters once worn by Ed!

Just this February, Ed Sheeran became an EACH Ambassador! Since then he has played guitar for kids and their families as part of music therapy sessions!

He has also donated Lego blocks and musical instruments to EACH, and given them the rights to use his music in publicity videos. He also donated some of the royalties from selling his Ed Sheeran signature guitar!

We think it's incredible what Ed is doing for this incredible cause. If you also love Ed Sheeran, be sure to join our community of Sheerios on SweetyHigh.com!