9 Adorable Manicures That Will Help You Win Easter

With Easter just a couple of days away, you're probably on the lookout for some festival nail art inspiration to totally blow your family away. Whatever your personality, we've got the Easter nail art look for you, with links to directions!For the Sweet Tooth

These Cadbury Mini Egg-inspired nails look super tasty. Not for nail biters!

For the Queen Of Color

This design brings out the brightest in pastel colors! It's impossible not to be the center of attention with this fabulous mani

For the Kid At Heart

This easter bunny design is cute, simple, and perfectly captures the spirit of the holiday

For the Sunny Optimist

These bright pastel stripes will bring out the very best in your sunny disposition

For the Lover Of All Things Cute

A baby chick, right out of the egg, and girly polka dots make this look the cutest of the bunch

For the Simply Sophisticated

Cute designs don't mean you need to be a nail art master. With a few shades of pastel polish and a white nail art pen you're on your way to perfect Easter nails

For the Rebel

Not every girl would go for a black mani on Easter, but you're not like every girl! Bright pastel polka dots bring an Easter aura to this otherwise dark look

For the Abstract Thinker

This geometric design lets you wear your Easter tints in a brand new way

For the Chic Chick

This design mixes sleek lines with gorgeous pastels and a subtle grey for a look that's festive yet chic

Which design do you plan to where for the special day? Let us know in the comments below and share your own Easter nail art with us at SweetyHigh.com.