6 Easy Cookie Recipes for the Inexperienced Baker

This time of year has everyone wanting to make the kitchen smell nice, but let's face it: Some of us just aren't meant to be bakers, and that's okay.

On National Cookie Day we've got you covered with six easy cookie recipes if you're a non-baker.

1. Peanut Butter Blossoms

This sweet treat is easy, yummy and delicious with only four simple ingredients needed. The best part is they only take an hour to make. Just make sure you let your friends know there's peanut butter in them in case someone has an allergy. Follow the recipe HERE.

cookie with Hershey

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2. Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie

Standard? Absolutely. Always amazing? Absolutely. You can never go wrong with a warm, gooey, soft, chocolate chip cookie. Click HERE for this delicious, easy chocolate chip cookie recipe.

chocolate chip cookies

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3.  Sugar Cookies

The beautiful thing about THESE sugar cookies is how simple they are, even allowing you to add a topping of your choice. Throw on some festive holiday sprinkles or add in bits of candy cane. They will surely be a party favorite.

plain sugar cookies

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4. Secret Center Cookie Cups

Just the name of these alone sounds delicious and fun. You only need three simple ingredients, and your surprise center, which can be a nugget of milk chocolate and caramel from a candy bar. FYI, the recipe, found HERE, does call for peanut butter, for those with an allergy.

chocolate cookie cups

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5. Gingerbread Cookies

You won't want to run as fast as you can from these gingerbread men because they will taste delicious. This is the perfect holiday cookie to make for your family and friends, and you can have fun decorating them after they come out of the oven. Find the recipe HERE!

gingerbread cookies

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6.  Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

If you're a chocolate-lover, then these cookies are for you. All you need is four simple ingredients and an appetite, because once these cookies are made, they're likely to be a new family favorite. Top them off with some sugar and you have yourself a perfect cookie. Find the recipe HERE!

chocolate cookies with flour

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If these cookies aren't quite sweet enough for you, click HERE to find out what your favorite kind of chocolate reveals about your personality.