5 Foolproof Halloween Costumes That Require Little More Than a Ponytail

Thanks to Ariana Grande, ponytails have gone from lazy quick-fix, to stylish statement.

Celebs now rock ponytails on everything from red carpets to lavish birthday parties—and you can emulate these iconic looks just in time for Halloween!

Keep scrolling for five foolproof Halloween costumes that require little more than a ponytail:

Kylie Jenner's 21st Birthday Suit

One of the most memorable outfits this year so far has been Kylie Jenner's getup for her 21st birthday. The outfit itself put the internet in a tizzy, and set off a million copycats in every fashion site possible. Now you can replicate that epic moment with a sleek side part and long pony. Top it off with your pinkest, sparkliest outfit and wait for your classmates to call you Ms. Jenner in no time.

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Ariana's Fabulous Permanent Pony

Peanut butter and jelly. Salt and Pepper. Ariana and a long ponytail. Some duos are permanent, and Ari seems to have cemented her signature style. This Halloween, channel your inner songstress and fix a high, straight pony. Tie it with a simple rubber band and maybe add a '90s baby clip or two on the sides. Complete the look with an oversized denim jacket or your S.O.'s sweatshirt.

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Kendall Jenner's Legendary Met Ball Entrance

Kendall Jenner took a page from her sister's book and dazzled at this year's biggest red carpet in a ponytail that swept past her behind. To nail this costume, affix your long pony low in your head and pair with roomy white slacks and a white top. Don't be afraid to swing your pony from side to side during pictures just like Kenny did.

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Betty from Riverdale During Black Hood Reveal

This is from the crazy iconic scene in Riverdale when Betty's asked who "he" is. We all know the answer, but what we didn't know was how easy it was to pull off this Halloween costume. Do it like Lili Reinhart and tie on a mid-height pony with a bit of a curl. Top off the look with a colored denim jacket and you can be out the door ready for trick-or-treating in less than five minutes!

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Kim Kardashian's Nod to the '90s

Mrs. West can be a master of disguise, and now you can easily become one, too, with this easy Halloween costume! The makeup mogul walked the red carpet with a sky-high pony to celebrate the launch of one of her makeup palettes. Recreate the look in no time by using a thick, black scrunchie to hold your pony above the crown of your head. A pro tip to reach the desired height is to flip your hair (with your face facing the floor) and secure the pony in that upside-down position. Top off the look with a black tank top and bright blue eyeshadow. Expect your friends to say "Kim Kardashian, who?" as you walk the halls in this costume.

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