13 Makeup Tutorials Even Beginners Can Follow

Wearing makeup can be so much fun, but when you're learning, actually putting it on can be hard. Luckily, there are millions of makeup tutorials out there (thanks, YouTube!), and plenty of them are for beginners.

If you're trying to learn new makeup skills and want to start with the basics, these how-tos are a good place to start. They offer skills that will work no matter your coloring, and they'll help you figure out whether you prefer a very natural makeup look or something more glam.

Just keep in mind that you don't have to use the exact products used in the videos or the same amount of each. So much about makeup is experimenting and finding out what works for you and makes you feel good!

Woman putting on makeup

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Eyebrow Tutorial

Doing your brows can make a huge difference, and it's actually really easy. This tutorial from Jennifer Chiu is only 3 1/2 minutes long, and it provides a pretty natural look. You may find it even easier if you try a brow gel instead of a brow pomade.


No Foundation Five-Minute Makeup Tutorial

If you don't like the feeling of foundation on your face, or you're afraid of your skin looking too "makeup-y," QueenyKaay has a great tutorial that doesn't use any foundation at all. Her look doesn't include eyeshadow or lipstick, either, so it's easy to recreate in just five minutes, and it's a good way to ease yourself into wearing makeup. She does apply a fair amount of concealer, but you can use less if you prefer. Carving out your eyebrows, for example, is an easy step to skip.


Natural Makeup Tutorial

Danielle Mansutti shows how to get "your features but enhanced" in this tutorial. She offers a lot of great information about what makeup to use and why, and offers suggestions for alternate techniques and products. She doesn't bother with contour or eyeshadow in this video, either, but you'll find other tutorials on this list that do, if that's what you're looking for.


'No Makeup' Makeup Tutorial

AlishaWilliams has another very natural makeup tutorial, but you can easily glam it up with eyeshadow looks from other tutorials. She shows how she makes sure her skin really looks like skin and has some great tips on how to use repurpose some of your products on other areas of your face.


Five-Minute Makeup Tutorial

If you want to be able to do your makeup but still get enough sleep, Stephanie Bailey has a nice five-minute makeup tutorial. She even has all of the steps laid out in an order where you could stop at any point and be ready to go. As a bonus, she shows her go-to lazy-girl hairdo.


Everyday Eyeshadow Tutorial

If you're ready for eye looks, Angela Bright has a quick tutorial for a great neutral one that works for a variety of eye and skin colors. (Plus, the general idea would work with different color schemes.) She also shows how you can use eyeshadow as eyeliner, which is helpful because it's more forgiving and doesn't have to be so exact. Best of all, she shows the look with and without fake lashes. Let's be real: Falsies aren't exactly beginner-friendly.


Everyday Monolid Makeup Tutorial

If you have a monolid (aka an eyelid without a crease), From Head To Toe has a very helpful tutorial. It will work for other eye types and shapes, too. It's a nice, neutral look that you can make easier by skipping the winged eyeliner step. She places dark eyeshadow on top of it, so you can use it alone.


Smokey Eye Tutorial

TheMakeupChair's smokey eye tutorial has a ton of useful information about the different parts of the eye as well as eye shape and choosing colors that go well together. You'll get a ton of great tips, and somehow it's still less than four minutes long.


Five-Minute Smokey Eye Tutorial

MissBeautyAdikt has another quick video on how to do a pretty smokey eye. This tutorial does include winged liner, so if you need help with that, you'll find it further down this page.


Eyeliner Tutorial

Birchbox offers some very necessary eyeliner basics. You'll learn how to get the stability you need to keep your hand steady as you apply the product. Since mistakes happen, the tutorial also shows how to clean up any mistakes.


Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

Adriana Braje shows how to do a winged eyeliner in the video below. She doesn't do an overly dramatic eyeliner herself, but she shares how to create one.


Highlight and Contour Tutorial

Katerina Williams has multiple tutorials that break down how to highlight and contour. This one using cream products is nice because it can look more natural and you don't need as many blending tools (just a beauty sponge). If you prefer powder, it's still helpful because she shows where on your face your products should go.


Blush Tutorial

TheMakeupChair's blush tutorial is also helpful. It offers a great explanation on where to apply blush, depending on your face shape.


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