Easiest Ways to Up Your Keurig Coffee Game If You're Totally Over It

Keurig coffee machines are totally fun kitchen accessories. And those cute, twirly metal K-cup holders are an excellent accompaniment—as well as a lovely Instagram prop, might we add.

But after months of relying on these bad boys for our caffeine fix amid quarantine, we've realizing that while they're certainly quick, we wouldn't necessarily call them efficient. They're not as bold in flavor as we'd like them to be, they lack in providing adequate energy and we can go through a full package in three days.

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Yet, even as we complain, we know we're not quite ready to part with our little machine. Therefore, we've been thinking outside of the box and coming up with ways to make the most of our situation.

Keep reading for the easiest ways to up your Keurig game if you're totally over it.

1. Whip Up a Latte

Who doesn't love a classic latte? It's easy to disregard them from home because we think they take some special equipment or technique to make, but you should know all you really need is a whisk, or even just a fork and a quick hand—and voila! We like keeping things simple, so THIS three-ingredient recipe is our go-to. Feel free to add maple syrup or another form of sweetener as you please.

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2. Add in Some Seasonal Sass

Need to kick up your coffee's taste a few notches? Add in your fave seasonal spices and flavorings—and no, it does not matter whether it's summer or winter, peppermint is always in season, okay? We keep pumpkin spice right next to our Keurig so it's easily accessible, and we're not being biased just because fall is our fave season. Adding in a dash of this and a splash of that is a game changer. We love THIS incredibly easy recipe—and even though it calls for pumpkin spice in particular, you can replace it with the spice or flavoring of your choice while following the rest of the how-to as is.

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3. Create a Homemade Creamer

Store-bought creamers are fine and dandy, but they're usually way too sugary or not sweet enough at all. We love the idea of making one by hand, because you can control what goes into it, whipping up a result that's just how you like. We swear by THIS four-ingredient recipe, replacing the cane sugar with maple syrup and half-and-half with coconut cream, but it tastes just as good as the recipe calls for!

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4. Blend a Coffee Smoothie

Got a blender? Great! Because the rest of what's needed to make THIS deliciously simple smoothie recipe is probably already available at home. We enjoy adding berries and superfood powder every now and then for a little added flavor and nutrition, but the original recipe tastes creamy, icy and delicious as is!

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Need some additional coffee content? HERE's the perfect creamer for you, based on your zodiac sign!