Echosmith, Lights, Rozes and More Released Our Fave New Tunes of the Week

New Music Friday is our favorite day, and this week's releases definitely didn't disappoint.

From Lights to Echosmith to Rozes and K.Flay, below are the five fresh tracks of the week we can't stop streaming.

Listen to them now!

1. "Skydiving" by Lights

Lights is venturing where no other artist has dared to go with her comic book series-album crossover. Her first release from Skin & Earth, "Giants," brought us deep into the comic book world. With "Skydiving," we get to know a little bit more about the series' main character, En. And this song is a breathtakingly beautiful story about falling in love.


2. "Goodbye" by Echosmith

Echosmith are back, this time as a trio. Their sound has definitely evolved from cheery pop hits to more empowering, moody anthems, as evident with their latest release "Goodbye." We're all about it though and can't wait for more.


3. "Canyons" by Rozes

Rozes' "Canyons" is basically summer in a song. With tropical instrumentals, this jam's beat will get everyone dancing. Though the lyrics are about relationship problems, it's still a fun tune to add to your pool party playlists.


4. "Fly" by Elley Duhé

Though relatively new to the music scene, this Alabama-born singer-songwriter has already found her sound and proven she's here to stay. Her percussion-driven single "Fly" is almost as close to perfect as possible.


5. "Heartbreak Summer" by RAC feat. K.Flay

For any of you out there who hate summer, like absolutely hate it, you'll find solace in this song by RAC and K.Flay. It's a moody tune, perfect to listen to while you're hidden away in doors curled up next to your AC unit.


Listen to these tunes when you want, how you want, where you want by following the playlist below:


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