All The Proof That Ed Sheeran Is An Actual Angel

Ed Sheeran doesn't just have the voice of an angel, but he also has the heart of one. Ed recently made one fan's day when he jumped onstage to join her in singing "Thinking Out Loud." Of course, that's not the only time Ed did something nice for a Sheerio. We've found a few more times that Ed proved he was the nicest guy on the planet by being so sweet to his fans.

Can we talk about how he had a photo shoot for a magazine with FANS instead of models?

This is a photo of Ed Sheeran for a spread in Vibe Magazine. He is holding an inflatable dolphin. Fans are surrounding him and they are lounging poolside. There are beach balls and bright colors in this shot.

(via Celebuzz)

And he always stops to take the best selfies with his admirers.

This is a photo of Ed Sheeran stopping to take a selfie with a fan. Ed is wearing a purple shirt and the girl is wearing a gray shirt with a skull on it. Her phone case has angel wings on it.

(via Posh24)

He gave this lucky fan the ultimate experience by serenading her. NBD.

This is a photo of Ed Sheeran in the dressing room before his concert with a fan admiring his perfection. Ed is holding a guitar and wearing a plaid shirt. The girl is wearing shorts and a white top.

(via MTV)

Ed showed off his smarts by teaching a music class at the University of Central Florida and then performing for the school. He could be our substitute teacher any day.

When one of his fans couldn't attend his concert because she was in the hospital, the beautiful creature that is Ed Sheeran went and visited her.

Ed Sheeran is sitting in a hospital waiting room in New Zealand with a fan who couldn't attend his concert. He is wearing a plaid shirt and jeans. The girl is wearing a beanie, a black shirt, a tan cardigan and jeans.

(via Buzzfeed)

But that wasn't the only hospital visit Ed made. He visited some young Sheerios at a children's hospital in Melbourne, Australia.

Ed Sheeran is at a Royal's Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia visiting sick patients. He is photographed with a young female patient in a Rolling Stones shirt with One Direction posters on her hospital room walls. Ed's arm is around the young girl.

(via Herald Sun)

Ed showed off his big heart when he sent flowers to the girlfriend of one of his fans who sadly passed away.

A white vase is holding flowers on a kitchen sink.

(via Mirror)

He surprised this couple on their wedding day in the most adorable way ever!

And he even helped one fan propose to his girlfriend onstage at one of his shows.

Oh, and Ed accepted a proposal from one of his fans. No, we're not crying. There's just some dust in our eyes…

This is a photo of Ed Sheeran with a ring in his hand sitting next to a terminally ill fan and her family.

(via Today)

Ed certainly is one huge sweetheart! What story made you cry your eyes out? Share with us in the comments below.