GASP! Is Ed Sheeran Taking A Break From Music?

You may want to grab a box of tissues because we have some sad, sad news to share. Ed Sheeran has decided he needs some "me" time, so he'll be taking a year break from the music scene. Thankfully, it'll be a while before Ed's break. To show that we support him every step of the way, we've created a bucket list for Ed as he embarks on the scary journey of being just like the rest of us.

1. Ed def needs to visit Hobbiton, the land in The Lord of the Rings movies, since he wrote a song for one of the Hobbit films.

2. Skydiving is certainly something Ed could handle.

3. Oh, and bungee jumping too, of course.

4. Flashmobs are always a fun thing to do.

5. He could totally learn to sail in a year.

6. Or he could just lay back on a cruise ship.

7. And he should learn how to bake, because T. Swift can't do it for him all the time.

8. Knowing how to paddle board just isn't enough, Ed. Learn how to surf, too.


10. Ed would have a blast running in a color run.

11. He could even swim with dolphins…or sharks.

12. But most importantly, he should probably also take his time off to catch up on any sleep he missed out on.


What is one thing you think Ed absolutely must do during his time off? Share your thoughts in the comments below and remember to share your Ed Sheeran love with us and Sweety High.