The 5 Best Online Shops for Edgy Girls

If your style is on the edgier side, chances are that you can't buy your clothes just anywhere.

It's not unusual to find that local retailers only carry clothes that are on the safe or bland side, and we can definitely relate to that predicament. So, if you're struggling to find local shops that carry your favorite pieces, you can always head online to find precisely what you need, without leaving the comfort of your home. Need some suggestions? Keep scrolling for five of our favorite online shops for edgy girls.

1. The Kript

The Kript is one of the hottest rising retailers at the moment, with an online store full of both statement and essential pieces for every edgy girl's closet. The Kript releases over 90 new items weekly, for those seeking out coveted, never-before-seen looks. The brand is also based out of Lebanon, a country with a reputation for its fabulous fashion exports.

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2. Dolls Kill

Dolls Kill has a variety of clothing options, with bold pieces for girly girls to edgier dressers, and everyone in between. Their mission is to inspire girls to be completely themselves, with prices that support that goal. The brand was developed by CEO Bobby Farahi, who set out to go against the grain—and he's done just that with Dolls Kill.

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If there's one edgy clothing brand that's taking over your Instagram feed, it's likely none other than I.AM.GIA. I.AM.GIA was created for women to embody their best selves. The creators wanted their customers to feel empowered by their iconic designs. Since this Australian-based brand was first spotted on celebrities including Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski, it's grown into a major player in the fashion industry.

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4. Byunli

Byunli has a very distinct style that blends streetwear designs with luxury details. The idea behind Byunli is that clothing is a true expression of yourself, with daring, bold pieces that allow you to push boundaries beyond everyday fashion looks. Believe us—you won't find these looks anywhere else.

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5. Jaded London

Jaded London has recently made a commitment to sustainability with a promise to minimize their effect on the environment, and through supporting several charities. Even more, Jaded London's designs are unmatched with unique and edgy patterns and texture combinations. We are loving what Jaded London is doing and can't wait to see what's next.

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