7 Edible Face Masks That Are Good for Your Body and Soul

Who doesn't enjoy treating their skin to a nice face mask every now and then?

They keep your complexion looking flawless in the easiest way possible. But there's one thing better than face masks—edible face masks.

Scroll below for seven masks that will fill your stomach and nourish your skin:

DIY Chocolate Face Mask

Made with honey, cocoa powder and yogurt, this face mask will leave your skin glowing. After it's done working its magic on your skin, indulge your sweet tooth and eat whatever is left over. Find the tutorial HERE.

DIY edible chocolate face mask

(via Simplistically Living)


DIY Strawberry Face Mask

Strawberries, honey and yogurt make up this tasty mask. Thanks to the salicylic acid in the strawberries, this is a great mask for when your acne gets a little bit out of control. Watch the tutorial HERE.

Girl putting a DIY edible strawberry face mask on her face

(via Top Knot)


DIY Avocado Honey Face Mask

Deal with dry skin? This mask will moisturize it with the help of its main ingredient, avocados. It's like guacamole for you face, but better. Find the tutorial HERE.

DIY avocado honey face mask tutorial

(via Scratch Mommy)


DIY Watermelon Face Mask

This mask is the perfect summer treat for your skin and your stomach. The antioxidants in the watermelon will keep your skin looking fresh as ever. Find the tutorial HERE.

DIY watermelon face mask tutorial

(via The Daily Meal)



DIY Papaya Turmeric Face Mask

Using papaya on your face helps to even out your skin tone. Eating it helps aid your digestion. This mask is a win-win, so you'll want to whip it up stat. Find the tutorial HERE.

DIY papaya and turmeric face mask

(via Sweet Potato Soul)


DIY Maple Syrup Face Mask

Forget dousing your pancakes in syrup, it's all about slathering it on your face in the form of this mask. Also made with cocoa powder and rose water, it's sure to bring plenty of nourishment to your skin. Find the tutorial HERE.

DIY maple syrup face mask tutorial

(via Babble)


DIY Gummy Rainbow Face Mask

There aren't any known benefits to slathering Jell-O on your skin, but at least this mask looks cool and tastes just as good. Watch the tutorial below to find out how to make it.


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