Our Favorite Drool-Worthy Asian-American-Owned Foodie Brands to Taste Test This AAPI Month

For Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month in 2023, we're not just shopping incredible AAPI brands but learning the stories behind them, and we have to say we're impressed.

We suggest you do the same this May, not just to fall in love with great new companies but also to dive into the cultures that drive them—especially when it comes to food. If you're not hungry yet, just keep scrolling to discover your new favorite AAPI-founded and-owned food brands.

T-Swirl Crepe

Though T-Swirl Crepe co-founder Jerry Lin is originally from China, the shop's decadent offerings are actually a take on Japanese crepes. Japan's crepes are inspired by the traditional French classic, but with an emphasis on portability in a tasty, handheld package, and Jerry and the T-Swirl team decide to take this idea even further with the perfect rice flour batter. The result is a crepe that's thin, crispy and chewy all at once, making for the perfect complement to both sweet and savory fillings.

Jeremy Lin founder of T-Swirl Crepe

(via T-Swirl Crepe)



Amy Hsiao is a first-generation Taiwanese American who was born and raised in New York City's Chinatown. Her innovative food kit brand, Kitsby, was developed to celebrate her heritage and her favorite foods and make them both approachable and accessible to everyone. There are Kitsby kits out there for every type of foodie, whether you like rich, flavorful meals, homemade bubble tea or sweetly tempting desserts, and we haven't yet tried a Kitsby treat we didn't adore.

Kitsby founder Amy Hsiao and boba set

(via Kitsby)


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Material may not be a food brand itself, but anyone who loves spending time in the kitchen needs to know about this modern cooking accessory brand. It was co-founded by Eunice Byun and Dave Nguyen, whose Korean and Vietnamese family traditions instilled them with a love for cooking and the togetherness it can bring. Their beloved products are frequently selling out, from their sustainably made reBoard cutting board to their Japanese stainless steel carbon Trio of Knibes to their non-stick Coated Pan, all of which are designed specifically to take your kitchen to the next level.

Eunice Byun and Dave Nguyen co-founders of Material Kitchen

(via Material)



When Jun and Michael Sanders spent a bit too much time sitting around snacking during the pandemic, they decided to create a new kind of healthier snack. The result was SPIRIT Almond, inspired by Jun's Japanese heritage and the concept of the spirit being lifted by great food. The almonds come in six wonderfully savory Japanese-inspired flavors, including Miso and Black Garlic, that work to enhance the natural crunch and buttery flavor of the nut, and once you start snacking, it's seriously tough to stop.

Jun and Michael Sanders founders of SPIRIT Almonds

(via SPIRIT Almond)


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Sandro Roco is a Filipino-American from Queens who realized there was a big divide between the growing number of clean American brands and the often sugar- and preservative-packed products from legacy Asian brands. Eager to bridge that gap, he created Sanzo, a sparkling water brand with classic Asian flavors. The brand uses real fruit for flavoring—not loads of sugar, creating bold and crisp flavors, without the junk.

Sandro Roco founder of Sanzo sparkling water

(via Sanzo)



Sisters Vanessa and Kim Pham are the daughters of Vietnamese refugees, and growing up, they watched their mom craft delicious homecooked meals from scratch every night. They created Omsom (inspired by the Vietnamese om sòm, meaning noisy and unruly), to celebrate the power of Asian flavors and the tales behind them. The brand's ready-made sauces make it ridiculously simple to make simple meats and veggies taste like they were made by a pro chef, and their Saucy Noodles are unlike any instant noodles you've had in the past.

Vanessa and Kim Pham Co-founders of Omsom

(via Omsom)



Danny Taing grew up in New Jersey as the son of Cambodian-Chinese refugees, but his brand, Bokksu, actually came about after he lived in Japan and became entranced with the country's snacks. After being unable to find his favorites when he returned to the U.S., he decided to change things by creating Bokksu. The company works directly with traditional Japanese snack makers to bring their delectable treats to a wider audience through incredible subscription boxes, providing goodies you truly can't find anywhere else (outside of Japan, that is).

Danny Taing founder of Bokksu

(via Bokksu)


Country Archer Provisions

Eugene and Susan Kang are the nephew and aunt duo behind the delicious better-for-you jerky brand, Country Archer Provisions, along with Celestino "Charlie" Mirarchi, whose delicious, healthy jerkies provided the template for the brand. Country Archer Provisions is all about real ingredients, using 100% grass-fed beef, natural turkey and antibiotic-free pork, as well as offering sugar-free options, making them a feel-good option anytime you're looking for a meaty snack.

Eugene and Susan Kang co-founders of Country Archer Provisions

(via Country Archer Provisions)


Brave Good Kind

And if you're looking for a chicken-based meaty snack, there's nothing tastier out there than the offerings from Brave Good Kind. The brand was founded by Prabal Chaudhri, originally from India, who set out to make protein-packed snacks that actually offered well-rounded nutrition. The brand's bites and bars are so tender and juicy, and the 100% antibiotic-free chicken is flavored with great spices in the Hot Honey, Teriyaki and Original options.

Brave Good Kind tender chicken bites

(via Brave Good Kind )


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The Good Bean

Sarah Wallace spent her childhood in India, and her brand, The Good Bean, was inspired by the street vendors near her school who sold delicious roasted chickpeas. Sarah wanted to allow everyone to enjoy the goodness of chickpeas and other great veggies in tasty, stackable forms. Today, the brand offers everything from roasted chickpeas and edamame for snacking to heat-and-eat bean-based meals that taste good while also being extra wholesome.

The Good Bean founder Sarah Wallace

(via The Good Bean)



Alton But had been a chef in various restaurants throughout New York City when he realized that there weren't real options for great non-alcoholic drink pairings with Asian meals. That's what inspired him to create Moshi, a drink brand offering delicious beverages featuring classic Asian ingredients like matcha green tea, oolong and yuzu, a delicious East Asian citrus with an especially bright flavor.

Moshi Yuzu Founder Alton But

(via Moshi)



Jai Farswani was a snack-lover looking for healthier options when his mother, Asha, stepped in with the alternative he was looking for. She popped water lily seeds like they were popcorn and seasoned them with bold Indian flavors, and they were an instant hit with the entire family. Today, AshaPops continues to utilize the Ayurveda superfood as the star of their tasty treats, providing incredible savory flavor and all the fun of popcorn, without the pesky kernels in your teeth.

Asha and Jai Ashapops founders

(via AshaPops)



Ming Tsai is a beloved Chinese American restaurateur and cooking personality known across the country, and you can taste his incredible recipes in the form of his frozen food line, MingsBings. When his family dealt with a health scare a few years ago, they all decided to move to plant-based diets, and Ming's culinary prowess came into play. When he didn't see many savory plant-based options in grocery stories, he decided to develop MingsBings, with flavors like Cheeseburger, Sausage & Peppers and Chorizo, Egg & Cheese, all in the form of plant-based bings, complete with crispy brown rice paper wrappings.

Ming Tsai founder of Mings Bings

(via MingsBings)



Crystal Ung spent much of her childhood sitting in the booths of her family's Chinese restaurant, and as she watched the restaurant life unfold, she grew to appreciate food and the power it had to bring people together. As an adult, she founded Bowlcut, a next-generation Asian American sauce brand that combines healthy recipes and real ingredients with traditional Asian flavors to get the best-tasting, best-feeling food possible, from the comfort of your home.

Crystal Ung founder of Bowlcut

(via Bowlcut)


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Indian-American entrepreneur Michelle Cordeiro Grant may be best known for her intimates brand, LIVELY, but she's also the mind behind the energy drink brand GORGIE. Unlike most energy drinks, GORGIE gets its caffeination from all-natural ingredients, meaning no racing hearts or energy crashes when you least expect them, and the bubbly, playful flavors such as Watermelon Crush, Electric Berry and Peachy Keen are way better than anything you'll find at the grocery store.

Michelle Cordeiro Grant GORGIE founder

(via GORGIE)


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Just Date

As an Indian-American, Dr. Sylvie Charles grew up cooking with her mom, crafting meals based on Ayurvedic tradition. When she became a medical doctor as an adult, she saw the negative impacts high sugar could have on her patients and looked to her roots to find dates as the perfect sweetener solution. Thus, Just Date was born, using the sweetness of real fruit as an alternative sweetener that's better for you while also being dense in nutrients, fiber and antioxidants. In addition to their classic Just Date Syrup, they also offer a vibrantly fruity Just Pomegranate Syrup and the versatile Just Date Sugar, a pretty magical alternative to granulated cane sugar.

Dr. Sylvie Charles Just Date founder

(via Just Date)



As a child, Rosa Li watched her grandmother brew traditional Chinese herbal and botanical tonics, and that wisdom stuck with her throughout her life, resulting in the creation of wildwonder. The brand makes prebiotic and probiotic sparkling drinks to not just enhance gut health, but also be as tasty as they are refreshing. The herbs and botanicals in each flavor enhance the taste as well as the effectiveness, so whether you drink Strawberry Passion, Guava Rose, Mango Gold or Peach Ginger, your tummy will be as happy as you are.

Rosa Li founder wildwonder

(via wildwonder)


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