Eiswelt Gelato Turns Your Icy Treat Into Adorable Animals

Here at Sweety High, we can't get enough treats.

Whether they're bedazzled like unicorns or jet black like a vampire's soul, we indiscriminately love all things sweet.

That's why we are currently obsessed with Eiswelt Gelato, a very special gelato shop located in an inconspicuous strip of Westminster, California. But this Orange County-based shop serves up more than your typical gelato.

Our friendly feline from start to finish ???????????? #eisweltgelato video credit: @foodwithmichel

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Founded by full-time college student Vyvy Hoang, this shop offers unique flavors including Thai Tea and Birthday Cake, but what's even more special are the cute creations she sculpts out of each scoop.

Whether your sweet tooth comes in the form of unicorns, bunny rabbits, cats or bears, this shop has you covered.

Doesn't the hot weather make you want to grab some cooling gelato with a friend????????????? #eisweltgelato

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Piggies and an adorable bunny! The whole gang is here!????#eisweltgelato

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Upon request, Vyvy will even make pop culture characters, including everyone's favorite Pokémon, Pikachu.

It's almost Friday and our Pikachu is here to keep you company until then!???? #eisweltgelato

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And, of course, she's got your back during the holiday seasons when you have a hankering for something fall-tastic or to pair with your merry mood.

Maybe we can bring back Jack Skellington in his Sandy Claws outfit. Thoughts? ???????????? #thisishalloween

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If you're wondering where this shop gets its name, the word "eiswelt" actually translates to "ice world" in German, Vyvy's original home country. We fell even more in love with this gelato shop after imagining its milky residents living in their own world of ice.

If you're smitten with this shop like we are, you need to visit and show your support for this young business entrepreneur. Some people have driven for five hours to get a signature scoop. The shop is open every day from the afternoon into the late hours of the night.

Making you fall in love, one gelato character at a time. ???????? #eisweltgelato

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You may just find us there!


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