9 Things Only Dance Music Addicts Will Understand

If you're addicted to music, specifically of the dance variety, you're not alone.

Electronic dance music is the best kind of music and we definitely aren't sorry about it. Give us a bass or a beat and we can't help but move our feet (ha!).

That being said, if you find yourself dancing all the time, then you'll totally understand these 9 truths below!

1. Festivals are your jam. There are always amazing DJ sets to look forward to and they never disappoint. Coachella, here we come.

Music festival

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2. You listen to the same five songs on repeat because the vibes are just right. What is musical variety anyway?

3. Your storage is full, but there's always room for music apps. Last year's birthday pics are so unnecessary, right?

4. Party playlists are your specialty. You're the go-to DJ and everyone trusts you with the aux cord. Creating playlists should just be your job already.

5. You plan your outfits based on if you can dance in them. If you can't, next!

6. When your crush loves your favorite DJ as much as you do, you know it's meant to be.

Couple listening to music

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7. Someone asks you to turn down the music and you just…????????????

8. There is no shortage of talent in the dance music community and you're overwhelmed by it. How will you ever get to it all!?

9. Listening to tunes in public is rough, you can't help but bust a move. Oops. Oh well, at least you know we aren't judging!

Listening to music outside

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