Looking for a Gentler Way to Get Super Clean Teeth? Try Elementa Oral Care's Nano Silver Tech

I have to admit that I've never put much thought into the toothpaste I use.

All my life, I've brushed with whatever toothpaste was cheap, alternating between whitening and anti-cavity without a thought. They all seemed to get the job done and generally keep me cavity-free when it comes time to visit the dentist.

Even so, when the team behind Elementa Oral Care reached out to me, their messaging immediately caught my eye. They called their products "the most advanced oral care of all time," using cutting-edge nano silver tech to clean teeth more thoroughly and effectively. I was eager to take them up on their offer to try Elementa for myself, and I've been very interested in the results I've seen so far.

The Brand

Formulated by dentists, Elementa Oral Care's tooth gels and mouth rinses are built around the idea that cavities aren't caused by sugar but actually by acids released by bacteria. According to the brand, most toothpastes use antiseptics, such as alcohol. Not only do these antiseptics burn the mouth, but they also kill good germs, increase acidity in the mouth and barely make an impact on plaque.

Elementa's products, on the other hand, are alkaline rather than acidic. Their tooth gels and mouth rinses have only five ingredients: nano silver, calcium, xylitol, natural flavor and water. The nano silver works to open holes in your plaque, neutralizing avid while delivering that much-needed calcium and xylitol directly to the surface of your teeth. The result is products that are great for sensitive teeth because they don't hurt your enamel or kill the good bacteria in your saliva. The products are also vegan and free of fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens and dyes.

Both the tooth gel and mouth rinse are available in Wintermint, Peppermint, Cinnamon Clove and Honey Sweet flavors. 4 oz. tubes of the tooth gel retail for $9.99, while 20 oz. bottles of the mouth rinse sell for $19.99.


The Experience

I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from my first experience using nano silver tooth gel in the Wintermint flavor. Would it taste weird or feel unpleasant in my mouth? I'd have to jump right in to find out.

When I squeezed a small amount of the gel out onto my toothbrush, I was surprised by its golden honey color. I'never seen yellow toothpaste before, so it caught me off guard, but it didn't stop me from giving the gel a go. Then, as soon as the brush touched my teeth, I was surprised yet again. The taste of the gel was so delicate, only slightly minty with a hint of sweetness. I can sometimes be overwhelmed by toothpastes that are too strong, so I loved that about this Elementa tooth gel.

Elementa Tooth Gel Wintermint

(via Elementa Oral Care)

Because of its simple ingredient list, it didn't generate tons of foam as I brushed. But I didn't need it to. After a throughout brushing, my mouth felt super clean—and oddly enough, highly moisturized.

I followed that up with the mouth rinse, hoping it would be as gentle as the toothpaste, and it was. I actually hate the burn and powerful mint flavor or mouthwashes like Listerine, and I usually opt for the kid-friendly bubblegum flavors instead, but I think I like Elementa's mouth rinse even more. It has the same sweet, minty flavor as the toothpaste, with no alcohol sting whatsoever. After swishing with it for about 30 seconds and spitting the yellow liquid down the sink, my mouth felt fresh and clean without needing to be filled with harsh mint.

Elementa Mouth Rinse Wintermint

(via Elementa Oral Care)

I also found that my breath continued to smell fresh, and my teeth remained smooth and squeaky clean all day long, even without the strong, traditional ingredients in typical toothpastes and mouth rinses. Over the past three weeks with Elementa, my mouth feels cleaner than it ever has, and while it doesn't necessarily deliver that sparkling, bleached-white look on its own, I'm perfectly happy with the results.


Bottom Line

I recommend Elementa Oral Care to anyone who deals with frequent cavities, strongly dislikes the strong taste of traditional toothpastes or simply wants a mouth that feels reliably fresh and clean every day. Thanks to its simple list of ingredients, you know you're not brushing and rinsing with harsh, harmful chemicals, and even though it's not super minty, you can feel it working after just a couple of brushes.

Of course, Elementa costs more than your typical drugstore toothpaste, but it also offers tooth protection you can't find anywhere else. If you're looking for something packed with fluoride and other ultra-whitening ingredients, you should also look elsewhere. But if you just want to bust cavities, fight cavities and feel clean while doing it, Elementa is your brand.


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