Elephant Pool Party- Video Pick Of the Day!

One party crasher makes this an elephant pool party

It's not a pool party until someone crashes… or at least that's what this elephant believes. You don't need an invite to have a rocking elephant pool party!

The campsite and lodge in Botswana where this video was shot is designed specifically so that majestic sightings like this happen as often as possible. It's called "Elephant Sands," and has a series of  non-chlorinated pools,  so that visitors can have a nice vacation and meet some elephants along the way!

The private conservancy has more than 60 square miles of land where animals roam freely, unhindered by fences. Elephants are frequent visitors to the area!

According to their website, visitors can expect to see "elephant, kudu, giraffe, wild dog, steenbok, buffalo, impala, leopard, ostrich, warthog, lion, jackal, mongoose, porcupine, zebra and more." Sounds like my kind of a vacation!