Here's How to Kick Your Post-Summer Blues to the Curb

School's back in session, you've said goodbye to summer vacation and those dreaded post-summer blues are beginning to kick in.

Although long, lazy days and dark tan lines might be a thing of the past, there is no reason you should let your summertime happiness fade.

This year jump back into school and into a new season with a smile on your face, thanks to these six tips for overcoming post-summer sadness.

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1. Get Outside

Just because your summer vacation is over, doesn't mean summer is officially over. Fall begins September 22nd, so you still have two weeks to enjoy the long days and warm weather. Get outside after school and on the weekends and soak in the last few days you have to wear shorts and tanks. And once fall hits, there's no need to be sad. You'll be able to pull out those cute fall boots and oversized hat you've be missing and head out for an evening stroll.


2. Get Organized

Nothing will make you feel better than finally getting organized from your chaotic summer. Store away some of your summer clothes, go through your closet for unwanted items and then try selling them at a fashion resale store to make some cash for purchasing a whole new fall wardrobe.

If your brain is feeling cluttered, pick up a cute organizer and plan out your busy weeks. You'll feel so productive!


3. Celebrate Your Best Summer Memories

Relive your best summer moments all year long by printing out pictures of some of your memories and posting them throughout your room and on your school notebooks. Seeing these pics will remind you of your carefree days and put in an instant smile on your face.

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4. Stay Relaxed

School can be stressful, especially when you're just coming off a three- month-long homework hiatus. It's important that in this busy time you keep your cool and remember to relax—stressing out is only going to make you unhappy. So stay on top of homework, keep your schedule busy (but not too busy) and remember to enjoy and have fun! School doesn't have to be a chore.


5. Plan Ahead

If you always have something to look forward to, you'll be more motivated to get your work done. You'd be amazed at how planning out a mini stay-cation or even just a sleepover with your besties will get you through any week. Before you know it, it will be summer again!


6. Embrace the New Season

The best thing you can do to get over your post-summer blues, is to embrace and enjoy the new season—fall! Fall means Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Halloween, cute clothing and a chance to cuddle up next to your crush. What's not to love about all of that?!

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