Eliska Stejskalova: Tween Baseball Girl Power Star!

Whoever says girls can't play baseball is dead wrong. Eliska Stejskalova from the Czech Republic was the only girl in this year's Little League World Series!
Eliska Stejskalova

The Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, is a competition between the world's best 11 to 13 year old baseball players.

Eliska was a member of the Europe-Africa team based out of the Czech Republic. She beat lots of boys to get her spot on the team, including her own twin brother!

Eliska has been playing baseball her whole life, and is proof that baseball isn't just for boys.

"She is good. That is why she is here," coach Pavel Chadim said.

Eliska is only the 16th girl to ever play at the Little League World Series. The first time a girl played in the series was in 1984. We think even more girls will gain spots in the series next year!

Katie Couric even gave her a girl power shout out on Twitter!

Even though the team from Japan won the series, we think Eliska and her team have a great shot at the title next year!

Eliska Stejskalova is breaking stereotypes as a baseball phenom. Share your own experiences about girl power with us at Sweety High!