Celebrate the Queen's 'Official' 90th Birthday With a Life-Sized Corgi Pillow ????

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain is kinda a big deal. She has, after all, ruled for longer than any other Monarch in British history.

She's such a big deal, that in honor of her "official" 90th birthday today (she celebrates her b-day twice a year as a part of British Monarch tradition????), a custom fabric company by the name of Spoonflower created the quirkiest, most awesome tribute present ever.

Feast your eyes on these life-sized body pillows of her and her royal corgis:

Queen Elizabeth II and corgi pillows from Spoonflower

(Photo courtesy of  Spoonflower.com)

C'mon, coolest gift ever, right?

In honor of her tremendous day, we rounded up eight other eccentric, but totally cute gifts to celebrate her big 9-0! We're pretty sure she'd approve.


1. These Solar-Powered Bobbleheads: $12.99 and $18.25

Queen Elizabeth II and her corgi bobbleheads

(via Amazon & Amazon)


2. This Way Too Real-Looking Cardboard Cutout ????: $49.90

Queen Elizabeth II cardboard cutout standup

(via Amazon)


3. This Super Effective Queen Elizabeth Sponge: $28.30

Queen Elizabeth II sponges

(via Amazon)


4. These Adorbs Paper Clips: $2.75

Queen Elizabeth II and her corgis Etsy paperclips

(via Etsy)


5. This Wise Queen Elizabeth Mug: $19.31

"What would Liz do?" mug

(via Etsy)


6. This Beyond Perfect Astronaut Poster: $18.00

Queen Elizabeth II in an astronaut outfit

(via Etsy)


7. These Rad Cartoon Stickers: $4.65

Stickers of Elizabeth II and her corgi from Etsy

(via Etsy)


8. And This Phone Case (see, she's a big deal): $29.99

Queen Elizabeth II phone case

(via Cafe Press)

Happy birthday, Your Majesty! ????????


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