Elizabeth Stanton Shares Her Secret for Dealing With Mean Girls

Ever feel like you don't fit in, are the odd ball in your friend group or just can't handle the chaos and stress that is high school?

If the answer is yes, you might relate to Liz Sandler, the main character on Pop TV's new comedy series This Just In.

The series follows socially awkward Liz as she navigates her way through the many misadventures that come along with entering a new high school.

We had the opportunity to chat with Elizabeth Stanton, the actress who plays Liz. She dished about her relatable character, the struggles of high school and her best advice for handling mean girls.

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Sweety High: Can you tell us a little about your new comedy series This Just In?

Elizabeth Stanton: This Just In is a series about my character Liz Sandler being the new kid in high school. Liz comes to this new school and she realizes that she wants to join a club. She ends up joining the AV department and realizes it's nothing like her old school considering it really isn't that good. So, she completely turns it around. The storyline is really about Liz's adventures with the AV department, all these kids that she's meeting at the school and how she's always getting herself into some sort of predicament. She just really wants to make the best of everything.

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SH: Can you relate to your character Liz?

ES: So, Rob Pinkston, who wrote the show, has known me for years and actually knew me in high school. He wrote the show kind of based off of how I was in high school. So, Liz Sandler and I are very similar, I have to say. We are both pretty nerdy and very quirky, and it's really fun to play an exaggerated version of myself.


SH: What are some of your personal tips for surviving high school?

ES: 1. Always be yourself. 2. Don't put off your assignments until the night before—I always did that, and it was always the worst thing I could ever do. 3. Always be kind. Even if people are mean, there's no reason for you to be. I think that was the best advice my parents gave me growing up.


SH: What is your advice for dealing with mean girls?

ES: I feel like I can relate to this because I was bullied growing up. Yes, girls can be really mean, but don't take it to heart. So remember, things will get better and don't change yourself based on what other people expect you to be. I know I tried to be someone else for years and I feel like my true happiness came through when I was 100% myself.


SH: What's your opinion on cliques? Is it good or bad to join one?

ES: If you find yourself with a clique of girls that you think are really nice, great friends and are really there for you, I'd say go for it, but don't associate yourself with a clique of girls that are really mean to other girls. That's just not cool.

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SH: You described yourself and the character you play as a little bit quirky. What advice do you have for girls who just feel like they don't fit in at school and are just trying to find their core group?

ES: During high school I thought I didn't fit in and that I don't get along with the people surrounding me, but, trust me, it will get better. High school is not forever. Just honestly be yourself. I know it's hard right now, but just trust me on this one.


SH: Anything else you want to add about the series, Elizabeth?

ES: Honestly, I am so excited for this show to come out, my cast and I are best friends in real life, and it has been an awesome experience working with them every day. I don't consider this work. Seeing the show come on the air has been so exciting for all of us, so I really hope everybody enjoys it. I'm so excited to hear everybody's feedback!

Be sure to catch This Just In on Pop TV at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday mornings!


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