Everything You Wanted to Know About the Allan Twins, Ella and Mia Allan

Twins Ella and Mia Allan are just around the corner from celebrating their 11th birthday, and they've already accomplished so much.

With roles in hit series including Young Sheldon, Jane the Virgin, Parenthood and Sons of Anarchy, plus voicing Lola and Lana Loud in The Loud House, the duo has some impressive credits to their name, and we think their career is just getting started—not to mention that the live-action A Loud House Christmas will be premiering on Nickelodeon and Paramount+ on Black Friday, Nov. 26. Impressed? Here's everything we learned about the Allan Twins as our latest Woman Crush Wednesdays.

The Allan Twins Mia and Ella Woman Crush Wednesday

(Image courtesy of the Allan Twins)

Names: Ella Sophia Allan and Mia Isabella Allan

Birthday: November 14

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Fun Facts:

1. Ella considers herself more of a night owl than an early bird.

"I like to stay up and watch movies and I love to sleep in."

-Ella Allan

2. When Mia's discouraged, she either snuggles with her dog or takes extra time to understand what she's going through.

"Sometimes I just need to be alone to process my feelings. I ask for encouragement from my sister and my family for a better perspective."

-Mia Allan

3. Ella's current Netflix obsession is The Loud House Movie.

4. The last celebrity that Mia got starstruck over was Millie Bobbie Brown.

5. Ella's favorite day of the year is Christmas.

6. Mia's biggest guilty pleasure is Squishmallows.

7. Ella says she couldn't live without the B612 photography app.

"I love making photo edits."

-Ella Allan

8. Mia has some pretty varied hobbies.

"I believe I have a talent in singing, I like to trick people that I am my twin sister and dancing has become my new hobby."

-Mia Allan

9. If she weren't an actress, Ella would love to work with animals in any way she could.

"I would like to run a animal rescue or sanctuary."

-Ella Allan

10. Mia's good luck ritual is praying with Ella.

11. What would the Allan sisters say is most important to who they are?

"I am very compassionate, I am a hard worker and generally really focused (when it's something I love!) and I am a Christian."

-Ella Allan


"I love, love, love animals! I like to think I am loyal and stick to my word. I am a Christian and I like to make people laugh."

-Mia Allan


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