Everything You Wanted to Know About Actor, Musician and Little Punk People Host Elliott Fullam

As a singer-songwriter, actor and interviewer, 18-year-old Elliott Fullam simply can't be pinned down.

He's made quite the name for himself as a versatile actor, from his work in the cult classic clown slasher film Terrifier 2, to voicing Sal the rooster on the animated Apple TV series Rolling With Otis, and the long-time host of the music interview series Little Punk People, featuring everyone from Metallica's James Hetfield and J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. to actors Mads Mikkelsen and Norman Reedus.

He's also a musical artist, and just last week, he released his latest stunning single, "A Hopeful Ending." We fell in love with the track at first listen, with its longing lyrics, a gentle, melancholy acoustic sound and whispery delivery evocative of his namesake, the late icon Elliott Smith. It's clear to us that Elliott is just getting started, and if you're as curious about him as we were, keep scrolling to discover everything he shared with us as our Man Crush Monday.

Elliott Fullam shares favorites trivia, bio and fun facts as Sweety High Man Crush Monday

(Photo credit: Jeff Harris)

Name: Elliott Allan Fullam

Hometown: Budd Lake, New Jersey

Birthday: Sep. 2

Zodiac sign: Virgo


Fun Facts:

1. Elliott's weirdest habit is that he leaves the lights and TV on when he falls asleep.

"For some reason, my blue lamp light really helps me fall asleep, and the random cartoons on at night definitely comfort me!"

-Elliott Fullam


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2. His biggest guilty pleasures are collecting records and playing video games.

"Once in a while, to turn my brain off, I play video games. Record collecting is something that has been with me all my life and will forever be something I partake in."

-Elliott Fullam

3. He says his mom makes the best vegan food of all time.

"It's always something I look forward to! My favorite dish has to be the vegan puff pizzas she makes. I'm obsessed with them and I have many fond memories of eating them."

-Elliott Fullam

4. He's obsessed with nature.

"I absolutely love going on hikes and taking nature pictures and videos. Whenever I need a mental refresher, I go out hiking because it just simply makes me feel good! There's this beautiful spot that leads all the way up to a scenic mountain view and I feel so peaceful up there."

-Elliott Fullam


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5. Being in nature has also inspired some of his music.

"For some of my songs, I try to capture how the weather, trees, wind, etc. make me feel. It can even inspire some of my lyrics."

-Elliott Fullam

6. Elliott Smith is by far his biggest musical influence.

"His lyricism, melodies and songwriting are legendary. His music has helped me through a lot and I'm sure many others would say the same thing. Most nights, I fall asleep to his Either/Or album."

-Elliott Fullam

7.  Duster, Radiohead, Mazzy Star, Big Thief, Nick Drake, Broadcast, Mitski, Loving and Crumb are also major influences for him.

8. Luke Skywalker is another big inspiration to him.

"I'm a big Star Wars fan, and watching those movies definitely influenced me. I love the overall story about fighting for good. I always try to be a part of the good in this world whether it's through music, acting or making fun videos about records. If I can make you smile,  then I'm more than happy."

-Elliott Fullam

9. The one life lesson he wishes he'd learned earlier on is that no matter what, bad times don't last.

"Life can change for the good at any moment. Whether it's your friend asking you to hang out at the park or a comedy skit you see on social media, anything can trigger something to make you feel better. Sixth grade was definitely a rough year for me, but it was one of the most important years of my life. That was the year I started acting, seriously practicing guitar and when I interviewed James Hetfield! In the moments before those beautiful experiences when I was depressed, I had no clue about the wonderful moments that were ahead of me. Always keep pushing forward. I always make my way through the other side of my depression."

-Elliott Fullam

10. His favorite thing about himself is that he cares—a lot.

"I simply care deeply about life, people, music, art and nature. I'm so lucky that I get to breathe air and appreciate life. I will never take it for granted."

-Elliott Fullam


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11. His current favorite piece of clothing is a cool pair of vegan Doc Martens he got for Christmas.

"I've worn them only a couple times—only 'cause they mess up the backs of my ankles (even when I wear the extra-doubled socks)—but I've been trying to break them in as much as possible!"

-Elliott Fullam

12. He says that recently, he hasn't been able to stay off TikTok.

"I love seeing random memes, and I get a lot of cool indie artists on my feed. I feel like it's a fun way to discover and support newer artists."

-Elliott Fullam

13. The most important thing about Elliott is that he's trying to contribute as much as he can to the world by doing what he loves.

"To anyone that reads this that wants to do anything that involves art, if I can do it, you can definitely do it! And I'm thankful to everyone who supports me in any way."

-Elliott Fullam


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