If Elsa Is Your Fave Disney Princess, You Need All of These Cool Items ❄️️

If you haven't been able to tell, we have a slight obsession with the Disney movie Frozen here at Sweety High.

Our love for the movie is so deep, in fact, that we've designated a special place in our heart for Elsa, the once princess, now queen of Arendelle.

If you share the same sentiment about this ice princess, scroll below and prepare to fall in love with our fave Elsa-inspired accessories.

Elsa-Inspired Minnie Mouse Ears: $18

Headed to Disneyland anytime soon? Then these dainty and delightful Minnie Mouse ears are just what you need.

Frozen-inspired Mini Mouse ears

(via Etsy)


Elsa's Castle Painting: $40

Give your room a taste of Arendelle by hanging up this beautiful painting of Elsa's castle on your wall. ❄️️

Elsa's ice castle painting

(via Etsy)


Elsa and Anna Hand-Painted Shoes: $45.50

In need of some new kicks? These hand-painted Elsa and Anna tennis shoes should do the trick! How adorable, huh?

Handpainted 'Frozen' shoes

(via Etsy)


Elsa Mug: $12.41

If you love Elsa, chances are you know every song off the Frozen album, correct? Get this sassy mug to prove it.

Elsa-inspired coffee mug

(via Etsy)


Elsa Felt Glitter Clip: $6.99

Spice up any hairdo with this petite and chic felt glitter clip. It's almost too cute for words.

Elsa felt glitter clip

(via Etsy)


Elsa Iron-On Patch: $6.50

Add a little flair to your denim jacket and support your fave Disney princess all at once with this charming patch.

Elsa iron on patch

(via Etsy)


Elsa Decal: $2.29

Give your laptop a little extra love by place this amazing "Let it Go" decal on it.

Let It Go computer decal on a Mac computer

(via Etsy)


Elsa Plush Pillow: $25

If your bed needs an extra cozy new accessory, this Elsa-inspired plush pillow is just the thing.

Elsa-inspired plush pillow

(via Etsy)


Elsa Earrings: $6.54

Your ears will thank you for dressing them up in these beyond adorable polymer clay earrings. Perfection.

Elsa-inspired earrings

(via Etsy)


"Let It Go" Bar Necklace: $22.25

C'mon, go ahead and let it go with this simple bar necklace that will let everyone subtly know your fave Disney movie of all time.

A silver bar necklace that says "Let it Go"

(via Etsy)


Elsa-Inspired Crew Neck: $18.88

If you're a true Elsa fan, you'll sport this bold crew neck with the wise words of Elsa herself plastered on it.

Elsa-inspired crewneck

(via Etsy)


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