11 Embarrassing Moments We've All Experienced While Taking a Test at School

There's no situation more nerve-racking in school than taking a test.

Just the thought of them causes your palms to sweat, knees to quiver and heart to race.

And as if attempting to complete the exam wasn't enough, we bet you've all experienced one or more of these embarrassing scenarios below while filling out your test booklet.

1. One of the biggest blunders we've all experienced at least once is forgetting we even had an exam. So, of course, those test scores did not turn out too well. Better luck next time!

2. Or you realize you spent all night studying the wrong material after you read the first question on the test. Definitely the most annoying thing to happen to anyone ever.

Stiles and Scott sleeping after spending all night studying on MTV's Teen Wolf

(Teen Wolf via MTV)

3. The worst thing though is forgetting important materials. We're not just talking about a measly pencil, but rather your calculator or the fact that you could've brought a cheat sheet. Would've been nice to remember that.

4. We've all been caught glancing at our desk partner's test to double-check our answers. Let's just say that the look you get from your teacher is not a happy one.

5. We can't forget that whenever it becomes insanely quiet, your stomach decides it's going to make the loudest growling noises, which causes everyone to send glaring looks your way.

Cher Horowitz confused while taking an exam in Clueless

(Clueless via Paramount Pictures)

6. There's nothing your classmates detest more than when you decide you need to sharpen your pencil during the middle of the exam. They lose all concentration and are quick to blame you if their test scores fail because of it.

7. If you've ever been the last to finish a test, you know how quickly your classmates will scrutinize you for taking forever to turn in your exam. What? You just want to make sure you did everything right.

8. On the other hand, you've probably experienced finishing your exam faster than anyone else, even the smartest kid in class. It's then when you realized you totally forgot to flip the exam over and do the backside… whoops! Hey, it happens.

Cady turning in her AP Calculus exam to Miss Norbury in Mean Girls

(Mean Girls via Paramount Pictures)

9. Overestimating how much time you have is no fun either. You spend more time than you should on the first couple of questions and then have to rush through the rest of the test.

10. Ever have a sneezing attack so bad that you had to ask for a new exam because it was covered in snot? Yeah, us either…

11. Even more horrible than that scenario is getting sick during the middle of an exam and spewing chunks all over your test. It's very rare, but it does happen.


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