Emblem3 Alphabet, Day 4 – P to T

Emblem3 are dropping their first single, "Chloe," on April 16th. Who else can't wait? Sweety High is celebrating them with a very special Emblem3 alphabet. Here's part 4!

Before you read on be sure to check out our interview with Emblem3!

P – Pepsi Challenge

Emblem3's fans picked "Forever Young" for them to sing for their Pepsi Challenge
The X Factor "Pepsi Challenge" gives fans the opportunity to take over the job of the mentors and vocal coaches, and pick the next song for their favorite acts. For Emblem3, the fans picked Alphaville's "Forever Young"… and we think they made the right choice!

Q – Quintet

Emblem3 is composed of Keaton and Wesley Stromberg, Drew Chadwick, Kenny Galbraith, and Kyle Miner
Many know Emblem3 as Drew, Keaton, and Wes– but did you know the group is actually a quintet? Drummer Kenny Galbraith and saxophonist/keyboardist Kyle Miner  bring the head count to five!

R – Roses

Drew Chadwick apologizes for not having enough roses to give out to the fans
Before Emblem3's shows, Drew will often buy a bouquet of red roses and hand them out to fans before the show. He wishes he could give a rose to everyone!

S – Sunset Boulevard

Emblem3 performs Sunset Blvd. on The X Factor
"Sunset Blvd." might just be Emblem3's best known original song. The song was written by Drew, and the  official recording was made in Keaton's bedroom. It was also the group's audition song for The X Factor!

T – Team Inspire

Go Team Inspire! Drew Chadwick sports an "Inspire" cap
Drew Chadwick: "Strive to be the best person that you can possibly be so that you can inspire people to do the same. And then they can inspire people to do the same, and you can create a huge web of inspiration and then you can shift the global consciousness to work towards a higher, better good of humanity as a whole."

Hope you loved letters P-T!

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